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Girls’ Globe is now looking for fierce female illustrators to join our global crew and support our work in amplifying the voices of women and girls worldwide. Help us in our fight to create a sustainable world shaped by peace and solidarity, free from any discrimination, inequality and violence, enabling all girls and women to live up to their fullest potential.

Today, we have a global network of women, girls and organizations – with over 100 contributors to Our contributors are the people that bring Girls’ Globe to life – bloggers and content creators from around the world, who use our platform to reach a larger audience. They are part of a diverse, yet like-minded, network which they can actively shape and where they can have meaningful conversations about issues related to the lives of girls and women. Girls’ Globe offers an opportunity where they can grow, learn, develop themselves personally and ultimately make a positive impact on their communities and the world. 

Now, we want to expand our network to include fierce female illustrators from around the world who want to be a part of amplifying the voices of women and girls worldwide, and ensuring that the messages that are shared through Girls’ Globe are strengthened through compelling visuals. 

Visual language, including art in all its forms, is an incredibly important tool to communicate a message loud and clear – and to engage an audience through their primary senses. It is more direct than the written word, enabling the audience to emotionally connect or react to the message. We need it to inspire, advocate and communicate better.

Through our work, we also want to create opportunities for female artists to showcase their work beyond their usual crowd. We know that women in many ways face challenges and barriers to getting their work out there – and we hope that our platform can be used as a positive tool for new opportunities and artistic development.

Will you join us? Please fill out and submit the form below.

Some more details: Illustrators will work on a voluntary basis and will be published on and through social media – always being credited for their work. Illustrators will be expected to produce approximately 2 illustrations per month. Illustrators will become a part of a global network with opportunities to connect with others and engage through Girls’ Globe’s global campaigns, projects and events. Paid opportunities may arise for illustrators in our network.

Know of someone who would be perfect for this? Please help us spread the word.

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