The team here at Girls’ Globe wants to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the Manchester tragedy. An attack on such vulnerable citizens – children and young people out for a night of entertainment – is especially abhorrent. As mothers, wives, sisters and friends, we can only imagine what the loved ones of the victims are going through.

At Girls’ Globe, we have always believed in the good in people, difficult though that may be to remember in the face of such senseless violence. Without overlooking the pain and suffering that many will face in the coming days, we urge everyone to remember the displays of solidarity and humanity this has brought out; the rapid response on social media from supporters, the stalling of political campaigning, nearby strangers offering spare rooms in their homes for those stranded, taxis offering free rides for those who couldn’t get home, or simply a place to get coffee and wait for news as it developed.

The human reaction to fear is most often more fear, and anger, and sometimes hatred, especially in these times. Manchester will undoubtedly be mentioned in the nation’s upcoming elections, but we must be careful not to lose sight of the people behind the politics. Following the attack in Paris, one of the most applauded reactions was a victim’s husband refusing to allow the attackers to have his hatred.

In the face of adversity, England has often shown a great capacity for unity. In this, we hope you know, Girls Globe stands with you.

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