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Young Midwifery Leaders on Midwives’ Needs

During the ICM Congress we had the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the midwives enrolled in the Young Midwifery Leaders (YML) program. They were all eager to share their thoughts on midwives’ needs in their respective communities, such as more support and greater career path opportunities. They also talked about the Congress being a great platform for them to meet other midwives and share valuable knowledge with each other.

Young Midwife Leader Linvell Chirwa from Malawi

Young Midwife Leader Massoma Jafari from Afghanistan

Young Midwife Leader Jigme Choden from Afghanistan

Young Midwife Leader Samara Ferrara from Mexico

Girls’ Globe is at the 31st ICM Triennial Congress in Toronto, Canada. See all of the Girls’ Globe LIVE coverage here

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