On Tuesday 11 July, countries, policymakers, donors, advocates, and representatives of civil society organizations will gather at the Family Planning Summit 2017 in London to catalyze efforts that ensure more women and girls around the world are able to plan when and how often they get pregnant.

This month marks the five-year anniversary of the landmark London Summit on Family Planning in 2012, where global and country leaders committed to enable 120 million more women and girls to use contraceptives by 2020. Thanks to incredible leadership from governments, advocates, partners in civil society and the private sector today more women and girls than ever are using modern contraceptives.

The Family Planning Summit is an opportunity to harness a groundswell of energy among family planning partners in London and around the world.

Beth Schlachter, Executive Director of Family Planning 2020, describes the significance of tomorrow’s Summit:

“The world has shifted dramatically since the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning. We return five years later to an entirely different landscape. Much has changed, but what matters is what has not. Now, more than ever, governments and partners in civil society and the private sector are committed to building sharper, more effective and targeted family planning programs for women and girls around the world.

Family planning is an investment with exponential returns for countries and communities everywhere. Too many of the women, men and young people who will shape our future grapple with displacement or searing poverty with few – or no – options for planning when and whether they will have children.

We are committed to making contraceptives available to those who want and need them. We will gather in London on 11 July to accelerate the progress we have already made, to reaffirm our commitments and to build on what we’ve learned to create a better, brighter future together.”

Family Planning 2020_Girls Globe_Summit 2017
Photo by Jonathan Torgovnik

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