Silence around menstruation may be far from broken, but it’s definitely showing cracks. Just search #periodpositive or #menstruationmatters on Instagram if you don’t believe me! Here are 10 taboo-busting accounts to follow to help celebrate and normalize periods – one double tap at a time.

1. Pink Bits

This Australian artist posts illustrations to celebrate “the bits and shapes we’re told to hide”. Period-positive, body-positive and just really cute, these illustrations will cheer up any Insta feed.

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2. Lunette Cup

Lunette sell environmentally-friendly menstrual cups, but you can enjoy their colorful Instagram whether you’re a customer or not. They often share links to genuinely informative articles, like how to make the most of your exercise routine by synching it up with your menstrual cycle.

3. Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period provide menstrual supplies for asylum seekers, refugees & those who can’t afford them by collecting donations and distributing via drop-in centres and food banks across the UK. On social media they’re opening up conversations by posting reminders that periods are natural, NOT shameful.

4. Menstrugram

This Berlin-based art project is a “rebellion against the taboo”. The photographs are all of menstrual blood, which – being really honest – I found quite shocking at first. This made me realise I’d never ever seen an image of real period blood before, and proves the entire point of the project.

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5. Blood Cycle Community

On online community of “menstrual health seekers”, Blood Cycle Community are trying to increase access to menstrual health through advocacy, education and innovation. Their Instagram is a mix of illustrations, poems, quotes and photos that are often really funny and always really important.

6. #HappyPeriod

A social movement to normalise menstruation, plus provide products to low-income and homeless communities in the USA. Creators of the ‘Hello, I’m Menstruating’ tee that I want in every colour.

7. Cycles + Sex

Not just about menstruation, Cycles + Sex want to educate people about their bodies and “highlight the interconnectedness of our sexual, hormonal, reproductive and menstrual health”. This is a no-shame, no-stigma, no-topic-too-taboo kind of account, and there’s a great balance of education and celebration.

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8. Aunt Flow

For every 100% organic, non-applicator tampon Aunt Flow sell, they donate one to an organization in the USA that supports menstruators in need. On their Insta you’ll find posts encouraging businesses to stock bathrooms with tampons for their employees to use for free, as well as posts providing information on the harmful chemicals used by many leading tampon brands. There’s chlorine in those things?! Chlorine?!

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9. 4 Women Ovary Where

This volunteer-led movement raises money and collects products to assemble menstruation kits to “provide the homeless population of LA with a comfortable period”. Along with photos of their volunteers in action, their period-positive, confidence-boosting quotes and illustrations are a welcome addition to any menstruator’s daily scroll.


THINX is a brand striving to break down taboos, so whether you buy their products or not their Instagram is still a great place to find a little period-positivity. Granted, their photos are more often of flawless models than real-life humans, but the images are beautiful, the captions are candid and it’s refreshing to see new and innovative options being offered to people who menstruate.

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Am I missing something? Who would you add to this list? Leave a comment if you have any suggestions, and make sure you’re following Girls’ Globe on Instagram too!

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