Today is Universal Children’s Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stresses that all children must be protected, all children have a right to all they need to grow and develop, and all children have a right to be cared for.

To commemorate the day, SOS Children’s Villages asked children all over the world to show us how their mom or dad care for them.

It was heartwarming to receive more than 400 video clips from children in different countries who captured these touching moments with their parents.

But the sad reality is that 1 in 10 children – 220 million children worldwide – can’t share any of these moments because they’re growing up alone – without a loving family to care for them.

According to ‘The Care Effect‘, a report released by SOS Children’s Villages, children who grow up without adequate parental care are particularly vulnerable to the worst forms of human rights violations such as child labor, exclusion, violence, and sex trafficking. They have a limited or no access to education and medical services simply because there is no one to take them to school or a health center.

There is also a scientifically proven connection between the amount of love and care children receive and their mental health and ability to learn, which ultimately affect children’s success in life.

Care for children is one of the best investments in the future the global community can make now.

Expert insight summarized in ‘The Care Effect‘ report shows that children who grow up in a caring environment are more likely to develop social skills and resilience to cope with life’s adversity and reach their full potential. This has a positive effect on their community as a whole. Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University estimated that every dollar invested in early childhood development returns $4 to $9 to society.

A strong foundation for children’s future starts in a caring family.  

For orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children, SOS Children’s Villages builds loving, stable families across 135 countries. Through the #NoChildAlone campaign that is kicking off today SOS Children’s Villages is connecting global voices in support of the care every child needs to grow, thrive, and lead a fulfilling life.

Join SOS Children’s Villages in honoring Universal Children’s Day by watching and sharing this video.

Learn more about how you can help make sure no child grows up alone.

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