I’m Chloe, a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner & Fertility Awareness Educator. My mission is to break the taboo around the menstrual cycle, guide people on their journey to body literacy, and teach comprehensive and accurate fertility awareness to support menstruators in their sexual and reproductive decision-making.

Since ditching the pill, charting my own cycle, and teaching fertility awareness all over the world, I’ve come across a few myths I’d like to set straight!

Every day throughout February, I’ll be debunking myths about the menstrual cycle, the birth control pill, and fertility awareness in my first-ever video series. 

So let’s get started! Here’s Myth 1: The Menstrual Cycle Should be 28 Days Long…

And Myth 2: A Woman Can Get Pregnant at Any Time During Her Cycle…

Follow along so you don’t miss a myth! Like my Facebook Page, Chloe Skerlak, Fertility Awareness Educator, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. See you tomorrow for Myth 3! 

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