Today, 8 March 2018, is International Women’s Day. People all over the world will be gathering at different events both to advocate for women’s rights and to celebrate women’s greatness. Organizations will be taking to their digital platforms to launch campaigns while others take to the streets to march for justice and equality.

Some will be choosing to strike, to show the world what it’s like to not have women around doing their part, while others will be wearing black in solidarity with movements like #NiUnaMenos, #TimesUp and #MeToo. Others will be creating or exposing a variety of art works to highlight the causes they care about the most, from films to essays to photos to poems.

The issues are many: racism and discrimination, intersectionality, indigenous rights, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, the gender pay gap, domestic violence, sexual violence in conflict, sexual assault and harassment, access to education, immigration, climate change, and many more. All of them so important for women everywhere and all of them in need of being addressed on a global scale.

I hope that, wherever you are today, you can take advantage of global attention to advocate for the causes that speak the most to you. I hope you have the chance to march, strike, write, film, dance, speak out. But I also hope that you are able to surround yourself with women who support you and inspire you. I hope you take the time to tell the women in your life how much you appreciate them and that you receive those messages in return too. I hope you treat yourself well and take care of yourself, which is a form of activism in and of itself.

This International Women’s Day, while we continue to fight for equal rights all over the world, let’s not forget to celebrate ourselves and each other.

Illustration by Gabrielle Rocha Rios for Girls’ Globe
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María Rendo


María is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lives in Brooklyn. She has a graduate degree from NYU in International Relations, with a concentration in Latin America. She's passionate about girls' education and health.

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