At Girls’ Globe, we amplify the voices of women and girls from around the world. Voices that don’t always have a space. Voices that need to be heard.

The Girls’ Globe network spans more than 35 countries, raising the voices of girls, women and organizations working with human rights, social justice and gender equality.

We create a space for women’s and girls’ stories – providing a platform to start conversations on issues that matter to them, like:

Stories can plant a seed in our soul. Stories can spark movements. That’s why we focus on stories, to kick out hopelessness and inspire you to take action. And through these actions, we can change the world together.

We know that when we listen to the voices of girls and women incredible things can happen.

Together we can create a beautiful and sustainable world, free from any discrimination, inequality and violence, enabling all girls and women to live up to their fullest potential, in peace and solidarity.

Join us.

?This video was made for Girls’ Globe by Jenny Nilsson and Hanna Tholin.?

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Girls’ Globe offers a platform to educate and inspire people to take action on issues related to human rights, social justice and gender equality through creative communications - driven by the connected voices of girls and women worldwide.

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