This episode is a story filled with female super power and lots of humor. Anastasia shares her fantastic story about a planned hospital birth that ended up as an unplanned home birth.

“Something there, it looks like ahead maybe, but it wasn´t the head it was the amniotic sac and I used my finger nail to break it. I kept telling myself I am an animal..”

The Positive Birth Story Podcast features empowering & positive stories about birth. Swedish midwife Åsa Holstein shares her in-depth knowledge of birth and speaks to brave women who share their personal stories. This is a podcast with women for women about the super power that resides in all of us. Listen to this first episode below.

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  1. Such a great, motivating story. Thank you so much Anastasia for sharing your experience with us and my heartiest thank you to Åsa for being the medium to connect us.

    Much love

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