Before even becoming pregnant Michele-Lee knew that she wanted to have a c-section because of her fear of giving birth. But once pregnant she got the kind of help that was right for her to dare to go into a vaginal birth. She ended up having just that. A powerful uncomplicated vaginal birth.

“It was just an absolute explosion of love and not only love for the child but I also felt love for my partner, it was love for you and love for the midwife. It is just such an intimate connectedness.”

The Positive Birth Story Podcast features empowering & positive stories about birth. Swedish midwife Åsa Holstein shares her in-depth knowledge of birth and speaks to brave women who share their personal stories. This is a podcast with women for women about the super power that resides in all of us. Find all episodes of The Positive Birth Story Podcast here.

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Åsa Holstein

My name is Åsa Holstein and I am a Swedish midwife, healthcare entrepreneur and an advocate for women's rights. The idea behind "The Positive Birth Story Podcast" was born after meeting many women and seeing the need for us to share empowering and positive stories about birth. We need these stories to help us tap into the superpower that resides in all of us. Having a positive experience from giving birth is not the same as birth always being a smooth sailing. It can be a bumpy road for sure. It is more about pushing through the hardships that contributes to the positive experience. And the people that we surround us we. The people that will help us feel safe, respected and loved.

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