A common critique of today’s feminism is that it has ‘gone too far’. Some say that we’ve ‘created’ a gender ideology, that we hate men, that we cook up harassment stories, and that we’re easily offended, angry or radical. Others want to belittle feminism by calling it a fad.

‘Today’s feminism’ implies that, once upon a time, there was a more acceptable, amicable and effective feminist movement. When people criticise ‘today’s feminism’, they assume that ‘yesterday’s feminism’ was preferable. And I wonder, was it?

The first wave of feminism took place between the 19th and early 20th centuries. It focused on achieving women’s suffrage among other basic rights. These feminists were known as the Suffragettes. The right to vote, to property and to divorce may seem like obvious demands now, but they were met with ridicule at the time.

Suffragettes were depicted by media outlets as disgusting, boisterous and radical.

Men who supported them were publicly mocked. Anti-suffragists claimed that women’s ability to vote would grow radicalism, increase domestic terrorism, and generally turn the world on its head.

Anti-Suffragette Cartoon from 1908

A second wave of feminists emerged in the 1960s. These women fought for sexual and reproductive freedom, against strict beauty norms and for their right to work outside the home.

Second wave feminism suffered a tremendous backlash.

Society declared them ‘petty’ for discussing bras and body hair instead of ‘real problems’. Feminists at this time were heavily stereotyped as being humourless, hairy-legged, man-hating and unhappy women. Media outlets censored their fight by using the past tense when referring to feminism and falsely declaring that feminism was ‘dead’.

As a backlash to the backlash, a third wave of feminism sprouted in the 1990s – largely influenced by punk and underground trends. Third-wave feminists fought for social justice and focused on increasing the intersectionality and inclusivity missing from earlier forms of feminism. However, once again, they were demonised with the same arguments: man-hating, ugly, crazy, going too far.

I make these brief historical references to point out that no feminism has ever been fully celebrated. And in the current fourth-wave of feminism, which uses digital tools to strengthen the fight, anti-feminist voices are as loud as ever.

Anti-feminists have been critiquing ‘today’s feminism’ for decades.

Doing so allows them to acknowledge that widely-celebrated changes from the past were good, while simultaneously attempt to halt current and future progress.

Most people today will agree that to vote is a basic right and that women deserve economic independency and sexual agency. But not everyone understands yet that trans women are women, that sexism is an everyday problem and that the pay gap exists.

In 30 years time, we will look back and think of the #MeToo movement as a crucial point on the feminism timeline. It will be recognised as a necessary step on the way to equality – in the same way that no one now doubts that women’s suffrage was worth the fight.

One day in the future, 2019’s feminism will be normalised and seen as worth the fight. But for this to happen, we must never let them tell us that we’ve gone too far.

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11 Responses

  1. The very sad thing is that most of these women nowadays are very severely mentally ill, very thanks to Feminism which it caused by these women in the first place. Very dangerous for many of us single men just to try too start a conversation with a woman that we think would be very nice to meet, and they will usually be very nasty to us for no reason at all on top of it all. The me too Feminists movement has really ruined many of us good single men that are very seriously looking for love today, and these women have no manners and personality at all either since i can certainly see how very troubled they’re when it comes to us men. This is why it really has become very dangerous for many of us men to even approach a woman today, and we have to be very careful of sexual harassment as well. These type of women today are very much too blame why so many men are going MGTOW today, now that most of these women have really caused this problem unfortunately.

  2. Personally I support women who fight for equal rights for women but some of them gone too far. Like saying kill all men. Does killing men is a good solution? Then how we are gonna reproduce?God created us equally. If there is no men, there is no female and vice versa. Then the humanity will extinct. So to my dear women out there (not all of them)Pls stop asking to kill men.

  3. The author of the article completely fails to understand why people think Feminism has gone too far. Feminism was about equality, now? It’s not.

    -> What rights do men have that women don’t? If anyone can answer me this. I will shut up. If not, then you should stop preaching this. In fact I can name you some rights men DON’T have that women do. Want one? Look up disparity of custody battles. Want another? In India, it is LEGALLY impossible to imprison a woman on a rape charge. Want another? It is LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE to charge a woman with rape in Israel.

    -> Feminists’ hypocrisy has been exposed via their reaction towards women’s support for Trump. I for one despise Trump. But I find it awfully hypocritical to watch feminists preach women have the rights to their opinion shame on other women for supporting Trump. Let’s not forget their defence of Amber Heard, a proven compulsive liar and domestic abuser. Change the gender of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the reaction would be completely different. Maybe if you don’t want people to not judge you for the label, strive to improve the label instead of radicalising it.

    -> I remember women going crazy and petitioning for Intentional Men’s Day event at York’s University aimed at discussing problems among men to be cancelled. Ask yourself, why does having a forum on men’s issue take away from forum on women’s issue? The event wasn’t even about rights, it was about social problems men’s face like high suicide ratio. Maybe if you feminists stop being close minded creatures, others might take you be more accepting of you.

    -> Wage Gap is highly falsely represented. It does NOT use various factors and variables when calculating it. For e.g studies have shown men take more overtime than women, men are more likely to ask for wage raise than women etc. which creates the disparity in the wages. Men are NOT paid more than women for the same job, that’s a complete myth. Maybe people won’t be repulsive to the feminist label, once they stop using deceptive facts.

    -> Ask within your own movement why others despise it because the answer remains within. Hint: Buzzfeed, Jezebel, Julie Bindel, TERFs, Witchwind etc.

    I’m a woman, highly pro-equality, but I for one cannot in the right mind support the current feminist movement at all.

    1. Feminism means women’s belief’s literally, but when the concept is about equality the name should be changed. As if when the word mankind is used to represent all the sex we find it sexist. Likewise , while feminism is about both the sex it shouldn’t be called feminism.

    2. Add procreation an parental right. In the western world and quite a bit of the rest, Men have none. Does it seem fair that a man, who does not want to be a parent has no choice? Even if I say from the first date forward every day a wife/girlfriend can simply stop taking the pill, vandalize the condor, and surprisingly common, dig a used one out of the garbage and self inseminate. All ok legally.

      A rare yet real example (2 times in news so far) a female teacher has raped a student. One was 13 one 14, (and yes that’s statutory rape, men go to jail. Women get a finger wagging) got pregnant and when the kids turned 18 were sued and won child support…let ,e say t’hat again. A rapest, child molester, sued thier victim for support and won. Flip that around and reverse the genders.

      Next women can kill your child legally. I dont care what anyone says, any real doctor agree life starts at conception. So the can kill/abort your child, they can put your baby up for adoption without telling men they were even pregnant. Should he know its his he doesn’t get first choice to raise their child. I’m going to assume that’s because if the actual father gets a choice she would be stuck with 22 years of child suppor.

      A women can keep the child and still does not need to tell the father or even acknowledge him as the father on the birth certificate. Unless f years later she wants money, then she add dad and sue for support. Even better they can put someone else down as the father. Paternity fraud it ripe i. The west, with 30% of men raising another mans child unknowingly. Should the man find out the courts can and do force him to continue support for that child. It’s a silly example but can I as a man,go adopt a child without my wife’s participation, take it home and insist she raise it ? Or should she say screw you can I sue for child support. Not a perphect analogy but enough to point out the men’s lack of rights.

      Even if a man tells girlfriend or wife he hates kids, never wants to be a father because he will a terrible one. If she the. Decides to have one, through deception, why doesn’t the man then have the right to walk away and monetarily abort/abandon the kid? It’s her choice, she has the power to have or kill the child yet we expect men to pay a 22 year bill for something he did, does and won’t want. Even worse, what if your broke, unemployed, a drunk or drug addict. The family court doesn’t care. Pay or go to jail. It’s common. Many stated and countries take away your drivers licence until you pay up. Well that should make getting a job easer! Then you go to jail even if you are trying to pay the support but you don’t make enough money. Example Dave Folly was a Canadian Actor from Kids in the Hall. He then got a great job on a tvseries in”news Radio” with Joe Rogan, Phil Harmen and so on. It ran for a while and was a top comedy. At that time the dummy Married a gold digger that traveled the world while he worked. They had 2 kids, and like normal he joined the 85% of men that don’t get custody and had to pay 30,000 a month in support. Well as all things do it ended in divorce he lost his kids and a little later the show was cancelled. His income went from lots to nothing. He is a niche actor and didn’t get much work after so he slowly went broke paying more child support in a month then he made in a year. He tried to get the support lowered and the judge said your ability to pay does not effect your obligation to pay. He now lives in exile should he go back to Canada he will be jailed.

      Lastly many countries still have a basket baby law. That’s where a women can abandoned thier baby at a fire, police department or hospital, leaving the kid in a basket, ring the bell and run . No repercussions. I understand the reasoning of the law. It can save a babies life to give a distraught mother a out instead of the other things they might do when overwelmed I don’t know if a man ca. Do that. But I doubt it. Oh, and this can be done without giving the father a chance to take the child.

      There are aloe more but the lack of make rights in procreation is glaringly anti male. So if you want true equality role back some of those rights ladies and give men equality.

      Oh, one last point for all those peril patriarchy bemoaners a recent study found that with the growing assets of male teachers so has a bias crept into schools treating males unequal. I speek more in teaching style and consistently. The study showed that female teacher (99% of all teachers) were given a paper to grade and they were. All the same, but the name on them was topical male or female names. Boys were consistently marked two letter grades down for the exact same papers as the girls. An A for Becky, C for Joe. It’s not rare, it’s the norm. The there is big debate on the style of teaching it’s a new rant and I’ll spare you. Just look into ADHD Overprescribing.

  4. There is no reason to scream girl power. I think there is no need for such labels as “feminist”. It just makes women look ridiculous. Women should ofcourse try to get fair treatment and respect, but its all about choice and practical solutions. In other words, as long as women’s needs are well taken care of and their society is doing right by them there is no need to worry or go crazy with protests.

  5. This entire article uses the logical fallacy of a staw man or paper tiger argument. It also has not aged well. Let us take this quote.

    “In 30 years time, we will look back and think of the #MeToo movement as a crucial point on the feminism timeline.”

    No, #MeToo, with Joe Biden has been modified to #MeTooIfYouBelongtoTheOpposingPolitialParty or #MeTooButNotifJoeBiden. Amber Heard ruined the whole “believe all women trope.”

    Women have been exposed as entirely hypocritical on #MeToo.

    Here is another problematic quote.

    “Most people today will agree that to vote is a basic right and that women deserve economic independency and sexual agency. But not everyone understands yet that trans women are women, that sexism is an everyday problem and that the pay gap exists.”

    What is economic independency? Does this mean a continual transfer of wealth from men to women through family courts? Because that is what women in the US and in Europe are currently doing. What is sexual agency? Does that mean women have the right to pay for kids they do not want? Because again, family court to the rescue. Does it mean that women are selfishly entitled to be single mothers with no partner — even though we know the outcomes of single mothers — on average, poorly performing and adjusted children? What is the pay gap? The often quote pay gap of 77% is not for the same jobs. It does not account for the significantly smaller amount of time women spend in the workforce. If you are quoting the pay gap in the developed countries, at least, you are not investigating things, or are bad at math, or are lying to make a point.

    Modern feminism is not about “equality,” it is about superiority. Women want to dominate the home environment (and receive preferential family court treatment) and also the professional environment. They want high-status jobs and leave all of the difficult and dirty jobs for men. Modern women see the world as a buffet line where they can pick and choose the good things and leave the bad things, the difficult things to men. THAT is modern feminism.

    So yes, modern western women have lost their minds. And something else — the arguments presented by feminists actually illustrates the point that even though more women graduate from college than men now, they on average have a significantly lower logical reasoning ability than men. Secondly, modern western women live in a fantasy land, where they do not realize who is doing most of the work to hold maintain their standard and style of living. Women live in houses their sex does not build, own furniture they do not move, rely on technologies their sex had little hand in creating and rely on a repair and maintenance system they have little involvement in supporting.

    The sexes used to have a more reciprocal relationship — but now feminists have tricked women into thinking that are men and that they do the same things as men, that they can do things they cannot do or have a poor aptitude for doing.

    This is all false. And these false claims are put out by women studies departments which aren’t academic departments as much as professional grievance entities, entities which know nothing about biology and say idiotic statements like “sex is only a social construct.”

    However, because of the logical problems so many women have, it is impossible for most women to understand these facts.

  6. Just watch a few media broadcasts of these women’s rights protests and other clips, of which many you can find on the internet of women basically harassing men for making a “sexist” comment or any related action. These men are not only being harassed but these public dialogue exchanges lead to a disturbance to the public and the woman’s refusal to abide by the laws even when security asks them to shut it, which might I add, would lead to a more physical conclusion towards a male. I myself am a victim of this. I have no prejudice against women, in fact, I think women, not exactly rights, but are deserving of a higher level of respect than men if they dont take advantage of that. You give a woman almost anything, she is capable of making it better. They deserve opportunities in professional jobs but there is no excusing the fact, that the keeping together of a house, which is no dishonorable job, can only be done by a woman. While many think that the first human was a man, in religious terms, I believe that it was a woman. What she is capable of cannot be undermined. This might be a goofy analogy, but women can be viewed as elves while the males are dwarves in terms of the lord of the rings. The elves, a gentle and elegant race of immortals, living in there magnificent castles in forests while the dwarves, lords of stone, halfwits and rough yet also capable of being kind and loyal. I hope that made sense.

    1. Nosherwan.

      I disagree with evrything after I my self am a victim of this. I do not understand the gender implied by names in your part of the world so I dont know if you are male or female. But from were i pointed out onword you are sexist, against men. your statments or arguments are incomprehensival and i suspect based on nothing in the middle realms (se what i did there) Now Its your opinion, and your entitaled to your own views and opinions, but my view based in this world is your claims are preposterous and factually incorrect. look around you, there is probable nothing in your view that women invented or made better. I am aware of some inventions or breakthroughs made by women but they are few and are a fraction of a fraction of advances made that built the world in which you live. There is many debates on why not is and some are very probable. Thinks like women have been kept down by the evil patriarchy..maybe but by historical studies dont really back it up. but possible. it puts a lie to the women making it better though doesn’t it? your house bulder fact is wayyy of the deep end in it’s absolute statement. Ill chalk that one up to cultural differances. In North america and most of the europe countries men have been doing it all for quite a while, And well. western men cook, clean, laundry, raise kids, fix the house, decorate and all the other house hold chores once believed womens domain. Not because men want to do all those things but because western coultures detruction on gender roles have left men to doing it themselves. Marriage is to corrupted to be a useful ritual, feminism has made it outright undesirable and men arnt walking into the no win situation of husband. In my last 3o years ive discovered feminism not only ruined marraige but have made alot of women useless in the house. I can only think of one girlfriend that could cook, press a shirt, fix a house, and man more. And the brainwashing by feminism has made them worse mothers by a huge degree. So if your a women your sexist, if your a man your kinda pathetic

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