A common critique of today’s feminism is that it has ‘gone too far’. Some say that we’ve ‘created’ a gender ideology, that we hate men, that we cook up harassment stories, and that we’re easily offended, angry or radical. Others want to belittle feminism by calling it a fad.

‘Today’s feminism’ implies that, once upon a time, there was a more acceptable, amicable and effective feminist movement. When people criticise ‘today’s feminism’, they assume that ‘yesterday’s feminism’ was preferable. And I wonder, was it?

The first wave of feminism took place between the 19th and early 20th centuries. It focused on achieving women’s suffrage among other basic rights. These feminists were known as the Suffragettes. The right to vote, to property and to divorce may seem like obvious demands now, but they were met with ridicule at the time.

Suffragettes were depicted by media outlets as disgusting, boisterous and radical.

Men who supported them were publicly mocked. Anti-suffragists claimed that women’s ability to vote would grow radicalism, increase domestic terrorism, and generally turn the world on its head.

Anti-Suffragette Cartoon from 1908

A second wave of feminists emerged in the 1960s. These women fought for sexual and reproductive freedom, against strict beauty norms and for their right to work outside the home.

Second wave feminism suffered a tremendous backlash.

Society declared them ‘petty’ for discussing bras and body hair instead of ‘real problems’. Feminists at this time were heavily stereotyped as being humourless, hairy-legged, man-hating and unhappy women. Media outlets censored their fight by using the past tense when referring to feminism and falsely declaring that feminism was ‘dead’.

As a backlash to the backlash, a third wave of feminism sprouted in the 1990s – largely influenced by punk and underground trends. Third-wave feminists fought for social justice and focused on increasing the intersectionality and inclusivity missing from earlier forms of feminism. However, once again, they were demonised with the same arguments: man-hating, ugly, crazy, going too far.

I make these brief historical references to point out that no feminism has ever been fully celebrated. And in the current fourth-wave of feminism, which uses digital tools to strengthen the fight, anti-feminist voices are as loud as ever.

Anti-feminists have been critiquing ‘today’s feminism’ for decades.

Doing so allows them to acknowledge that widely-celebrated changes from the past were good, while simultaneously attempt to halt current and future progress.

Most people today will agree that to vote is a basic right and that women deserve economic independency and sexual agency. But not everyone understands yet that trans women are women, that sexism is an everyday problem and that the pay gap exists.

In 30 years time, we will look back and think of the #MeToo movement as a crucial point on the feminism timeline. It will be recognised as a necessary step on the way to equality – in the same way that no one now doubts that women’s suffrage was worth the fight.

One day in the future, 2019’s feminism will be normalised and seen as worth the fight. But for this to happen, we must never let them tell us that we’ve gone too far.

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13 Responses

  1. The author of the article completely fails to understand why people think Feminism has gone too far. Feminism was about equality, now? It’s not.

    -> What rights do men have that women don’t? If anyone can answer me this. I will shut up. If not, then you should stop preaching this. In fact I can name you some rights men DON’T have that women do. Want one? Look up disparity of custody battles. Want another? In India, it is LEGALLY impossible to imprison a woman on a rape charge. Want another? It is LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE to charge a woman with rape in Israel.

    -> Feminists’ hypocrisy has been exposed via their reaction towards women’s support for Trump. I for one despise Trump. But I find it awfully hypocritical to watch feminists preach women have the rights to their opinion shame on other women for supporting Trump. Let’s not forget their defence of Amber Heard, a proven compulsive liar and domestic abuser. Change the gender of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the reaction would be completely different. Maybe if you don’t want people to not judge you for the label, strive to improve the label instead of radicalising it.

    -> I remember women going crazy and petitioning for Intentional Men’s Day event at York’s University aimed at discussing problems among men to be cancelled. Ask yourself, why does having a forum on men’s issue take away from forum on women’s issue? The event wasn’t even about rights, it was about social problems men’s face like high suicide ratio. Maybe if you feminists stop being close minded creatures, others might take you be more accepting of you.

    -> Wage Gap is highly falsely represented. It does NOT use various factors and variables when calculating it. For e.g studies have shown men take more overtime than women, men are more likely to ask for wage raise than women etc. which creates the disparity in the wages. Men are NOT paid more than women for the same job, that’s a complete myth. Maybe people won’t be repulsive to the feminist label, once they stop using deceptive facts.

    -> Ask within your own movement why others despise it because the answer remains within. Hint: Buzzfeed, Jezebel, Julie Bindel, TERFs, Witchwind etc.

    I’m a woman, highly pro-equality, but I for one cannot in the right mind support the current feminist movement at all.

    1. Feminism means women’s belief’s literally, but when the concept is about equality the name should be changed. As if when the word mankind is used to represent all the sex we find it sexist. Likewise , while feminism is about both the sex it shouldn’t be called feminism.

  2. The problem here is the media. Men need to organize and protest the way media is playing up this feminist BS. If you want to nip this in the bud, start protesting TV shows, advertisers, and other producers of toxic and divisive content that paints men as idiots and women as superior.

  3. AGRIMA, I agree that in some regressive cultures the plight of women is uphill and have a long way to equality. But in most western countries the rest of your statement is categorically wrong and demonstrate the lack of knowledge and the continued plight to be ever victims. Men are far stronger. Some studies say about 20% stronger but in my old career Fitness was a must and the adjusted fitness standard for women was a joke. 3 pushups, that’s what women had to do.mens standards are 10 tines that. It’s so evident that on deployment we had a vehicle hit an IED and there was multiple dead and wounded. One of my friends and brother in arms had landed in a mine field. We did not have a regular engineering Sqn that are trained and equipped and his life was in greater jeopardy ever minute he left untreated. Those that served will know the last resort is crawling on your hand and knees using your bayonet to prob for mines. We had a guy start probing before the field am got to us. When they got there the medics, one male and one female toke over. At first I thought nothing of it but it finally dawned on me. She was small, and a she. I ordered two soldiers to start clearing a pathe on both sides of the first path but to little to late. The medics were applying first aid and soon struggled by buddy on to the stretcher (two poles and canvas. I am still furious that they failed to bring a spine board but hinsite 20 and all that. Since there was only one proved path no one could help carry the stretcher, only room for one in series. Well the worst thing that could happen (other then another mine strike) did. A equal female medic dropped him repeatedly one-off which had him gain consciousness ,scream and pass out. When they got close enough we helped carry and to the field hospital he went. We later found out why he screened, well they dropped him and broke his neck. Thankfully it was not a spinal column cut throu or he’d be dead or a quadriplegic but for2 years he was in rehabilitation hey regained near full recovery all he had was a week leg and periodic lose of feeling on his left side. But he would never be a soldier again, and thus ended a 23 year soldiers carrier sacrificed to the ideology of mythic equality.

    And your fantasy of being emotionally stronger is laughable wrong. Now before the barrage of angry screeching happens. There needs to a common definition of what emotional strength is. My definition is emotional strength is the ability to cope with issues that demand clear though not emotional blithering. It’s demonstrating strength in stoicism that gives others confidence in you leadership during times of deep emotional and physical distress. And hold it until you have a chance to unwind and let slip the emotions that often cripple people those with instant emotional outburst. If I started crying during a mortar barrage in our bunkers, I would destroy the confidence of my troops (substitute with 7cave guys and a Sabre tooth tiger, men that respect you and follow you, will stand fast while women and children run to safety). Fear is infectious, lack of emotionally strong and controlled defenders(men) and a leader to inspire and lend confidence to your subordinated even if you are scared enough inside to shit your pants, can mean life or death for running men, women and children. That emotional control and disingenuous-line made British the world power they once were. In musket battle ir was seldom numbers that won battles it is discipline and emotional control would defeat a larger army that panicked and run. The majority of deaths were from armies not doing an organized retreat. Cavalry killed hug numbers just riding up to runner and chopping them with a Sabre..

    So AGRIMA by what metric do you believe women are “emotional stronge”? I have served and fought with many women. Some are very competent and great soldiers in garrison (home) I have seen men and women lose it in war. But would I trust my life with a a female combat arms solder to protect my back or stay in thier position to have effective and interlocking zones of responsibility critical to the success of a fire team attack and defence. Absolutely not. Some guys are like that, and there’s a reason that I won’t get into but on three separate occasion I witnessed 3 women completely abandon their position in fear and panic, and we can’t take steps we would use on men to demonstrate how angry we are that he abandoned us. Let’s just say that in older wars it wasn’t uncommon for a soldier that left his section to die and hastened it by creating a hole in the fire team wall they often died in combat with several shots to the back. So a female in that situation will never be trusted with our lives again. I’ve witnessed one women scream, throw there rifle over there head and run. I’ve seen one drop there gun and surrender to an ally when they thought it was the enemy, And I witnessed a female panic and grasp the trigger shooting the guy to her side. And lastly one curled up in a ball in her shell scape and urinate. The biggest issue is there are some big guys in the military and there is no way a female of almost any size can pull a wounded 250 lbs soldier out of his shell scrape and Carry or drag an unconscious guy to safety.

    In basic training (lonnng ago) we had a half a sqn of women crusaders that were going combat arm and prove thier female power and equality by going combat arms/infantry. They were 23 out of the full female count of 26, the others were going to some other trade. Within the 13 week of training 22 of the 23 either washed out or changed their trade to something other then combat arms. They had to face facts, not fantasy, they were not physically or emotionally strong enough to withstand the intense training and stress required for a combat soldier.

    So ya we don’t know what a women have to go through in a mans world, because it’s easer then what men do. Idiotic statements like the tripE you are spouting remind me of a dad building a deck, and his 4 year old is beside him using a fisher price squeaky hammer saying “Look I’m helping”

    FYI. I almost never come across angry or condescending like I did. But your statement was in tone of a bit of a c^nt. So I figured I treat you equally in kind

  4. There is no reason to scream girl power. I think there is no need for such labels as “feminist”. It just makes women look ridiculous. Women should ofcourse try to get fair treatment and respect, but its all about choice and practical solutions. In other words, as long as women’s needs are well taken care of and their society is doing right by them there is no need to worry or go crazy with protests.

  5. Funny, I see many articles like this that are for equality, so I ask if feminist, so active about gender equality like Georgina Diaz the author, 1. What are rights men have that women don’t ? I can spout of 5 rights women have that men don’t with ease. 2nd, if it’s about equality whatbfemist organisation is championing men’s issues of inequality, like family court, paternity fraud, 6x the rate suicide, due process (Metoo, title 9) domestic violence (single violent abuse in couple is 70%women abusers, agreed my both men and women in the study). Co violence at 50/50 between men and women with women most likely to initiate violence and more likely to use weapons. The only exception is that once a male is confronted by violence the reciprocal defence by men is stronger and more capable and thus more likely to injure women. But that falls under “if you know a bear can tear you apart, don’t kick the bear. Then 30 of married men are unknowingly raising another mans child. Choice in parenting such as not having the right to know they are a father, or allowing the father choice to raise thier child vs no say in adoption. Male genital mutation in baby boys. The completely debunked wage gap, support flexibility so a man is not an indentured money source and won’t go to jail if unable to pay. Equality in sentences, men get 65% longer for the same crime. Female dominated education systems catering to female learning stiles. Equal treatment by teachers and grades. Experiments shown that a assignment written by a girl will get 2 letter grades higher then the same paper submitted with a boys name ie A when it’s a girl, same paper, c for boys. The list goes on, many of which were addressed by Casey Jay the producer of the movie “the red pill” and her great ted talk on the issue. (That was banned in multiple theatres by Gary feminist protester without ever sing the movie).

    Oh, Metoo, fuc u. Is seems that women have no responsibility in the casting couch. I once had a women blow me for back door concert tickets without me ever asking, I’m not saying any of it is ok but strong independent women seem to regress to fainting couch helpless women when it’s undoubtedly a tool for some women to get their big break. Second, I have played the victim game with multiple feminist, I tell my story of a job that resulted in a average of 900 sexual assaults by women in 1 year. Seems when women sexually assault and molest a man, that fine. To put a chary on it, I was raped 3 times that year by women. Long story, but my attemp to get justice for one of those rapes that lost me my fiancé and many friends , after you can’t rape men, even if he’s drunk passed out and she imitates you’re Fiancée and has sex with me. Can’t happen, oh ya it can. You don’t have to be awake for my happy place to respond to stimulation. Think I can Metoo several hundred women for sexual assault and harassment and have justice by getting fired and shunned like men are. Not if trying to get justice for being raped is any indicator

    So call bullshit. Feminism is absolutely sexist, it’s in the very name, and it’s not about equality, its revenge.
    There is also speculation about getting the vote. Women in western countries got the vote in late 1919 and enacted in 2020, (yes I know at first they had a age limit of 31, but it was lowered to men’s age not long after. Who else got the vote in the same time frame? Give up? MEN! There are some exsetions like the USA wher men could vote very soon after the war is rebellion from The UK. But most countries only aloud nobility, land owners and prominate business owners. (Oh and women voted in many places were they had one of those prerequisites. But it was rare and if a land owning widow got married again they lost her vote to her husband. I digress, common men were given the vote in 1918, what changed to bring in this huge expansion of voters. Wel it was ww1. 11 million dead and millions of wounded paid the ultimate price for their homelands. When a huge population of hardened soldiers came home it was easy to foresee those vets starting thier own rebellion and with numbers and experience in war making it very likely they would quickly overthrow their upperclassmen ass holes and start copying the French revilotion by killing all royalty and Aristocracy. So the price paid in blood and death earned the vote.

    Now, suspend the bias and dogma and pretend that in 1919 married men and women actually liked each other, that men were paid less then. 2$ a day in today’s money so they had to work hard and lots to feed and clothe thier families, at the same time house wives had life and death chores in raising kids feeding the family and do the same things we do today but without washing machines, dish washers vacuumed dryers running water, fridge, stove. You get the point. Those responsibility’s where crucial . Keeping the house clean and more important the food prep areas poorly cleaned often resulted in food poisoning or other infections. The lose of three days wages if the husband got ill from poor hygiene it could destroy a family just getting by and likely resulted in less food expenditures and mom secretly going without so the kids could eat. And that’s if your lucky. Cholera and disintary killed people regularly. No shows or baths, no Peptobismal to stop the diarrhea pumped water and a medical profession that routinely made things worse not better. We so people shit themselves to death. So a couple worked in unison to survive and produce heathy kids. So if you can lower the patriarchy outrage you can see that the swift action to give women the vote, even with no sacrifice of 11 million was likely championed by the common man, now voter with the voting power of huge numbers to force through almost anything.

    So in more then one way, common men were a huge influence in getting women the vote, some may say it was the only reason women got the vote. Yes women had some influence in the change but the more likely argument is it was men, husband and fathers that gave women the vote.

    So get off the victim cart, the patriarchy isn’t holding you down. If we are the patriarchy we’re doing a shitty job, vote, school, workforce, degrees, family court divorce rape. None of this would be an issue if we were a repressive patriarchy and women sure as hell wouldn’t aborting out children, walking naked through the streets on the slut walk, divorce, shelters university entrance and domination. Ya that’s the evil patriarchy.

    It’s a shame you got all those degrees but fell into the feminist tar pool, you should be better then that and believe all that feminism dogma, many x feminist agree that once indoctrinated in feminism you become virtually undateable.

  6. Feminism has definitely gone too far. Just watch Dr.Shaym’s video on 30 questions from feminist. The courts are unfair towards men, and if for example a woman files a false claim of rape, the man will always be the guy who was accused of rape, while the woman is not even punished for a blatant fraud, but encouraged and glorified and is told that she is empowered by her fellow feminists. Feminism is a fucking joke, it has gone too far and has started to cost lives through cancellations of mens suicide awareness events due to feminist protests. You got your fucking rights just like the rest of us, and even more, so shut the fuck up. Please go and watch Dr.Shaym’s video, he has many more points besides this, if he doesn’t change your mind then no one will.

  7. You know what i think, is that some women do take advantage of all this, you will know that #boyslockerroom case, a girl did that all. But that is her mistake and their are fault in every human being and she should not take advantage of being girl or feminist or whatever. But people only see that women take advantages of feminism and shit they don’t know that what a women has to go through for fighting in a men’s world. Just because they are physically more strong and they have dick. I dont see any more difference than that and men and women. Just that usually men are a tad blessed in strength dept, in other places women are emotionally stronger and other qualities are comparable. Can you guess till when India’s and whole world gonna be a men’s world?

  8. This entire article uses the logical fallacy of a staw man or paper tiger argument. It also has not aged well. Let us take this quote.

    “In 30 years time, we will look back and think of the #MeToo movement as a crucial point on the feminism timeline.”

    No, #MeToo, with Joe Biden has been modified to #MeTooIfYouBelongtoTheOpposingPolitialParty or #MeTooButNotifJoeBiden. Amber Heard ruined the whole “believe all women trope.”

    Women have been exposed as entirely hypocritical on #MeToo.

    Here is another problematic quote.

    “Most people today will agree that to vote is a basic right and that women deserve economic independency and sexual agency. But not everyone understands yet that trans women are women, that sexism is an everyday problem and that the pay gap exists.”

    What is economic independency? Does this mean a continual transfer of wealth from men to women through family courts? Because that is what women in the US and in Europe are currently doing. What is sexual agency? Does that mean women have the right to pay for kids they do not want? Because again, family court to the rescue. Does it mean that women are selfishly entitled to be single mothers with no partner — even though we know the outcomes of single mothers — on average, poorly performing and adjusted children? What is the pay gap? The often quote pay gap of 77% is not for the same jobs. It does not account for the significantly smaller amount of time women spend in the workforce. If you are quoting the pay gap in the developed countries, at least, you are not investigating things, or are bad at math, or are lying to make a point.

    Modern feminism is not about “equality,” it is about superiority. Women want to dominate the home environment (and receive preferential family court treatment) and also the professional environment. They want high-status jobs and leave all of the difficult and dirty jobs for men. Modern women see the world as a buffet line where they can pick and choose the good things and leave the bad things, the difficult things to men. THAT is modern feminism.

    So yes, modern western women have lost their minds. And something else — the arguments presented by feminists actually illustrates the point that even though more women graduate from college than men now, they on average have a significantly lower logical reasoning ability than men. Secondly, modern western women live in a fantasy land, where they do not realize who is doing most of the work to hold maintain their standard and style of living. Women live in houses their sex does not build, own furniture they do not move, rely on technologies their sex had little hand in creating and rely on a repair and maintenance system they have little involvement in supporting.

    The sexes used to have a more reciprocal relationship — but now feminists have tricked women into thinking that are men and that they do the same things as men, that they can do things they cannot do or have a poor aptitude for doing.

    This is all false. And these false claims are put out by women studies departments which aren’t academic departments as much as professional grievance entities, entities which know nothing about biology and say idiotic statements like “sex is only a social construct.”

    However, because of the logical problems so many women have, it is impossible for most women to understand these facts.

    1. Well put. I watched a bio on the father of modern sex and identity that most all current ideological gender theory. Is based on. Dr Money was hailed as a genius In that he proved gender or sexual identity is a social construct. His 13 year study of the Canadian twin boys, one of which was mutilated by the accepted male GMO practise of Circumcision and could never fully function as a male. Dr Money convinced the parents to allow him to work with the boys raising the one as a girl to prove its societal not genetic influence that creates gender/sex differences. One he published the 13 year study he was hailed as a maverick and 99% of today’s gender studies can trace the subject back to his influane.

      Problem was, he lied. No one stopped to ask why a study of such revolutionary idea stopped at 13 years. That the start of puberty for boys and seems to be a crucial area to study in the female acting twin during such an important sexual developmental period for boys. Well he stopped because the subjects (both of twins studied) and specifically David said if his parents sent him back he’d kill himself. Examination of Dr Money’s experiment an the few interviews with the twins exposed shockingly foul abuses of the boys sexually. If the details had been exposed while he was alive he would have lost his licence to practice and jailed as a pedo. One of the abuses that I can write about was making the twins simulate sex with each other while chanting “I’m a girl” or “I’m a boy” as the dry humped each other in whatever position of the day Dr Money assigned. It gets much worse.

      How did the real experiment end up. The mutilated boy lived the rest of his life as a male because he was one and always felt so. But that was not long because both twins killed themselves. The “male” brother through OD and David by hanging. That’s the real gender theory, it’s backed up by a suicide rate for trans people of around 40%. That’s higher then in death camps in ww2. It also pulls the foundation stone out from under most if not all current gender theory. Most medical and psychological doctors know this but stay quite as in todays grievance culture it a fast way to get cancelled.

  9. Just watch a few media broadcasts of these women’s rights protests and other clips, of which many you can find on the internet of women basically harassing men for making a “sexist” comment or any related action. These men are not only being harassed but these public dialogue exchanges lead to a disturbance to the public and the woman’s refusal to abide by the laws even when security asks them to shut it, which might I add, would lead to a more physical conclusion towards a male. I myself am a victim of this. I have no prejudice against women, in fact, I think women, not exactly rights, but are deserving of a higher level of respect than men if they dont take advantage of that. You give a woman almost anything, she is capable of making it better. They deserve opportunities in professional jobs but there is no excusing the fact, that the keeping together of a house, which is no dishonorable job, can only be done by a woman. While many think that the first human was a man, in religious terms, I believe that it was a woman. What she is capable of cannot be undermined. This might be a goofy analogy, but women can be viewed as elves while the males are dwarves in terms of the lord of the rings. The elves, a gentle and elegant race of immortals, living in there magnificent castles in forests while the dwarves, lords of stone, halfwits and rough yet also capable of being kind and loyal. I hope that made sense.

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