The Power of Your Story is a brand new podcast by Girls’ Globe in partnership with Say It Forward is the platform where every woman & girl is encouraged to share her remarkable and unique story. The platform focuses  of overcoming the fears, personal beliefs, or circumstances that have held her back. Through the power of storytelling, Say It Forward celebrates the strength, determination and triumphs of girls and women on their path to empowerment. Read the stories and share yours on

“When we share our stories, we are inviting other people to get to know us and to understand a bit about who we are. When we listen to their stories, we begin to see the many ways that we are similar and we recognise our common ground.”

In this very first episode you will hear from Sharon D’Agostino, who is the founder of Say It Forward. She has had a long career within the private sector and has for many years been a champion for women and girls. A few years ago she left her corporate job and started the storytelling platform Say It Forward. She has been a huge supporter of Girls’ Globe from the very beginning and we are grateful and thrilled to be collaborating with her wonderful organization. Sharon meets the world with love, and has a very humbling and powerful effect on others. We are in awe of the way she supports women and commits her life to sharing other’s stories. 

Talking to Sharon is Julia Wiklander, founder of Girls’ Globe. They speak about overcoming doubts, building confidence and finding your inner voice.  

“Throughout my life I have been really interested in the ways that women and girls navigate the challenges and opportunities they face because they were born female.”

The Power of Your Story Podcast is an interview series with women from around the world and you can find it where podcasts are found! As this is a brand new podcast, we would love for you to share it with others and rate it in the podcast app you use.

“Every single person I have ever met, I know that she is more amazing than she or he believes.”

Be inspired by Sharon’s journey and message to find your own strength within in this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast.

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