The Power of Your Story Podcast is back with an inspiring new episode about the journey of an Indian-American woman in the USA. Patty Johnson is a psychologist and author residing in Chicago, USA. Reflecting on her own child and teenage years, she talks about finding her identity between cultures that could be conflicting. She talks about her hopes for her own daughters and how she has built confidence in her own life. Patty inspires us by embarking on her own path and deciding to be herself completely. 

The Power of Your Story Podcast is a production in partnership with Say It Forward is the platform for every girl and woman to share her unique story of overcoming fears, doubts, or circumstances that have held them back. We hope you are inspired to share your story too.

“A lot of the messages that I received, were about not being able to do things, not being smart enough, not being good enough, not being pretty enough. Those ideas as a child grew like weeds and I really hung on to those as a kid.”

Patty Johnson continues by sharing how she was able to overcome these negative ideas about who she was. She talks about the journey to freedom and really seeing herself and her true capacity.

“I was very much in that submissive role that a girl ‘should’ be in. Then I realized, a girl should be and say whatever she wants.”

We’re inspired by how Patty Johnson is breaking stereotypes. Her awareness of wanting to live her truth in every aspect of her life is uplifting. You can find her new book Essays on Night and Daylight: Undoing a Divided Nation here.

If you have missed the previous episodes of The Power of Your Story Podcast, you can find them here. The podcast is also available on your favorite podcast app. If you enjoy this podcast, please give us a rating on iTunes, Spotify or Google to help others find us!

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