Maisa Dabus is an entrepreneurial creative and changemaker from Brazil. She came out as gay in her late teens in a traditional Catholic community of Brazil. In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Maisa speaks about overcoming discrimination, self-doubt, and how she protected herself from the world. She shares her journey to confidence and talks about her fight for freedom and how sharing her story has been a big part of getting to where she is today. 

“When you share stories, you’re including people and giving them a sense of belonging, you are also making sure that your voice doesn’t go unnoticed and it isn’t lost in history.”

“It is so much better to act when you see someone going through something that’s hard.”

Maisa encourages us to keep sharing your story as an act of kindness, as a support to others and to uplift communities that have been ignored. She also shares some of the stories that have been important to her in her life.

The importance of representation becomes evidently clear in this episode. Maisa talks about how belonging is linked to seeing like minded people and finding community in some way. She shares her journey to confidence – her path to freedom – and what that mean to her.

This episode with Maisa Dabus is so inspiring. If you enjoy it, please give the podcast a review on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. And remember to share this story with a friend who would appreciate it. Do you want to share YOUR story? is the platform where any woman and any girl can her remarkable and unique story of overcoming circumstances that have held her back. Your story is valuable, it deserves to be heard, and can inspire so many others in their journeys to confidence.

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