Mexico is hurting. It is my great but scary homeland. We keep counting death after death – femicide after femicide. Most of the time it is exhausting. But sometimes this supposed greatness, that many of us miss and desire to recover, is the reason that keeps us moving and not giving up. That’s why women will strike in Mexico.

In 2019, at least 34,582 homicides happened and there were 1006 femicides. One of the most violent years in our history.

It is heartbreaking to wake up full of fear and grief. Everyday patriarchy kills and insecurity remains. Surprisingly this issue doesn’t join us – it divides us. Macho culture is thriving. Some still wonder if this violence is even related to gender.

Insecurity is a general problem, but according to the Public Security National System femicides have increased 137% in five years. So, yes, gender is closely linked too.

What actions have authorities taken?

Our legislator just increased penalties for violence. Their focus ignores the massive levels of gender based violence. They also miss the depth of these gender-related issues by cutting off the budget to child care centers and to shelters for women who’ve suffered violence. Sadly, our President doesn’t seem to care less.

The government is ignoring their responsibility to guarantee well-being with a gender perspective. Women need support, and the State is not backing us up.

In 2019 around 9 women were murdered daily. In 2020 so far, 10 women go missing every day because of femicides. It is so miserable to simplify it in numbers when in reality each woman or girl has a family and a history. They mattered then and they should still matter now.

Mexico keeps bleeding, but society is awakening. Women go on strike!

Recently, ‘Brujas del Mar’ a feminist collective began the initiative for a National Strike on March 9th. #ElNueveNingunaSeMueve, which means: The ninth no female moves.

Why? Because it’s enough! Women strike in Mexico to freeze the country. Females are summoned to:

  • Stay out of the streets
  • Not go to their jobs
  • Stay home from school
  • Stay home from universities
  • Not buy a thing.

The expected result is to reinforce the importance of females in society. Firstly, to not being there for the same system that oppresses us. Secondly, producing an impact on the economy through the cost of our absence in productivity. There are about 63.3 million women in Mexico. Some data confirms that if we stop, then 40% of the labor force would freeze. And it would mean an extreme loss to the economy.

Our work matters and our lives matter. Our place in Mexico should be respected.

Women strike to call on authorities, professors, partners, and bosses to recognize and dignify our role in society. It is also a call for all women to understand that there is strength in uniting. If we recognize our value why would we not demand the same recognition and respect from the State?

Supporting this strike is one way of asking for what should be ours: respect, safety, and peace.

Women Strike in Mexico

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