Through The Power of Your Story Podcast we’ve had the opportunity to listen to women share their stories. They have shared learnings from overcoming doubts, fears and challenges in their lives. In trying times and despite our differences, we can learn from each other. We can encourage one another in our journeys to confidence and freedom. No matter what the voice in your head says. No matter what others tell you. Your story matters. There is power in your story.

In the finalé of this series of The Power of Your Story Podcast, we want to inspire you to know that you are not alone. You have the ability to reach further, to overcome challenges in your life and, if necessary, change the way you see yourself and the world. 

Listen to what a diverse range of women say about self care, confidence and about sharing your story:

“If we can do anything as human beings, why can’t we just make the world a little bit easier for each other? Just kindness. I think sharing stories lives in that space – that you understand that you’re not alone.” – Maisa Dabus

This episode of The Power of Your Story shares insights on the importance of sharing our stories with others. You’ll hear women share their meanings of confidence and their best tips of self care.

The women heard in this podcast episode are: Alaa Al- Eryani, Daniela Arango, Eleanor Gall, Emma Saloranta Winiecki, Lina Lindahl, Maisa Dabus, Maya Katherine Andersen, Patty Johnson, Sanne Thijssen, Sharon D’Agostino and Tariro Mantsebo. Give yourself the time to listen and the opportunity to be inspired. These women will remind you that there is power in your story.

The Power of Your Story podcast has been produced by Girls’ Globe in partnership with We want to thank for making this podcast possible. For allowing us to share these inspirational stories and amazing voices with you. Say It Forward is the platform that invites every woman and girl to share her personal story to inspire others. Read the many, unfiltered stories from women and girls around the world. Give hope, inspire and change lives by sharing your story too.

“Stories are so powerful because they ignite emotion, they create empathy and they even create friendships. They create support from other people. They spark action from other people.” – Alaa Al- Eryani

Find all episodes of The Power of Your Story Podcast here or on your favorite podcast app. 

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