Laiza Onofre is an illustrator and feminist activist from Mexico. She has been a part of Girls’ Globe for several years. Contributing with her beautiful illustrations she has amplified the movement to strengthen gender equality and human rights. We collaborated with Laiza for the launch of The Girls’ Globe Marketplace. Together we created two Designer Edition products with her illustrations to honor activism, self care and self love.

We asked Laiza a few questions about art, activism, self care and self love.

How do you use your art as a form of activism? 

Laiza: Personally, it’s a form of resistance. Being woman in México, a country that slaughters its women, its people — to me, it’s a way of resistance. Collectively, I like to think that illustrations and artwork create a place where we can all have a sense of belonging. I like to translate this rage into images so that more people can relate and empathize with our struggles 

Why is it essential for self care and self love to be actively promoted for activists?

Laiza: Mainly, I think self care is essential for restoration. Self restoration is fundamental if you want to offer support to your community. If we want to take care of our communities, it’s really important that we as individuals have these spaces for self restoration and self love — so we can potentiate our work to others. 

What does self care and self love look like for you? 

Laiza: To me, it means to make space and openness to silence. I think silence is  a great place to restore myself — to be able to actually hear my needs and to be able to hear myself.

Check out Laiza Onofre’s portfolio.

Go to The Girls’ Globe Marketplace.

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  1. I love your message on the importance of self love. I learned to love and care for others but not to love myself. Now I understand that you can’t fully love others and give them the best if you don’t love yourself first. Thank you so much for your work 😊

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