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I always knew that I wanted to “change the world”. Growing up in Egypt, Pakistan and India, I became a global citizen at a very young age. Throughout my higher education, I gained experience and knowledge that led me to work for gender equality and sustainable development. In the fall of 2011, I had been working within the United Nations for a couple of years. Yet, I had an unsatisfied burning desire to make a greater impact in the world. I knew I wanted to support those making a real difference at a grassroots level, and share their stories. That was the first mission of Girls’ Globe.

My friends and I would meet up once a week to create, write and develop our blogs. We’d eat dinner together and share tips and tricks as we discovered the digital world. They created websites about travelling, hospitality and fashion. Whereas, I wrote about gender and development, maternal health and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Although Girls’ Globe started off as my personal blog to write about the things I deeply cared about, it quickly developed into something more.

After writing for a few months, I connected with young changemakers in other corners of the world. We shared a passion for gender equality, human rights and sustainable development. Slowly but surely, Girls’ Globe grew into a community of activists, advocates, experts and organizations working in different corners of the globe.

Through my work, I realized that there was a big disconnect between grassroots changemakers and international decision-makers. So, I wanted to help change that.

In January 2013, I quit my job at the UN. Instead, I focused on building Girls’ Globe into an impactful media platform with a mission to strengthen equality, rights and justice worldwide.

It’s been an adventure leading Girls’ Globe through growth spurts, organizational development and even a global pandemic. The past year has forced us to focus on our sustainability. As a result, we’ve experienced several changes to our infrastructure, team and global community.

Here’s where we are today.

In the following paragraphs I’ll share what the mission of Girls’ Globe is now.

Girls’ Globe amplifies voices to strengthen equality, rights and justice worldwide.

Girls’ Globe has a global network of members, representing more than 100 countries worldwide. Our members are activists, advocates, experts and organizations that share stories, news, research and opinions to our global audience.

We’re not a regular media platform. Instead, Girls’ Globe belongs to our members to amplify the important work that they do. We provide our members with editorial and communications support, and an engaged audience that spans every country in the world.

Learn more about our memberships for individuals and organizations.

Girls’ Globe supports the personal and professional development of changemakers.

In the past year, we’ve created more support for activists, advocates, experts, social entrepreneurs and organizations to have a greater impact in the world.

As a response to the hardships of 2020, we launched our Learning Platform and the course Digital Storytelling for Impact. In one year we’ve trained over 100 individuals to strengthen their storytelling and communications in a digital world.

To provide further support to young changemakers and leaders, we launched the Girls’ Globe Fellowship Program in January 2021. Right now, this program supports 9 fellows from across the globe to grow in their leadership and storytelling.

Above all, it’s Girls’ Globe’s and my personal mission to support changemakers to strengthen their impact in the world. That’s why I write and curate a weekly email with tools, tips and support for changemakers and communicators.

Subscribe to the Changemakers’ Power Post.

Girls’ Globe builds solidarity to strengthen our joint impact in the world.

Solidarity has been a cornerstone of our work from the very beginning. Especially, as our focus has always been to bridge the gap between changemakers around the world.

In March this year we hosted the first Girls’ Globe Mini-Festival. It is a virtual gathering to celebrate changemakers, honor our mental health and build solidarity.

We recently opened up for a new type of membership, namely Mentoring Sponsors. This membership gives senior leaders the opportunity to show solidarity with young changemakers, by sharing their expertise and experience. These sponsors are vital for our joint impact, as they support intergenerational co-leadership and the sustainability of Girls’ Globe.

Learn more about becoming a Mentoring Sponsor.

Girls’ Globe honors creativity as a force for good.

For a long time, Girls’ Globe has collaborated with illustrators and artists to further amplify the voices of our community.

In order to support creators that share our vision, we’ve just launched the Girls’ Globe Marketplace. It’s a place to buy and sell sustainable products that inspire, educate and advance gender equality, human rights and social justice. We sell physical and digital products and welcome vendors from around the world to join us. 

The Girls’ Globe Marketplace provides new revenue streams for creators and organizations in a time when many are struggling to adapt to a digital world.

Go to the Girls’ Globe Marketplace.

Although Girls’ Globe’s mission is the same, our work has evolved and developed to meet the needs of our community. In summary, we’re still dedicated to serving changemakers to make a greater impact in the world. From a tiny seed, a global community has grown. Now, we stand together in solidarity as we advance equality, rights and justice – inspiring change through each voice. Will you join us?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

  1. What change do you want to see in the world?
  2. How will you participate in making that change?

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