In my years leading Girls’ Globe, I’ve had the honor of supporting changemakers from around the world. We’ve brought about change through amplifying voices online and bringing young changemakers to spaces that were previously unavailable to them. My work with Girls’ Globe has been a journey of conscious entrepreneurship – and it has impacted all areas of my life.

What is conscious entrepreneurship?

Conscious entrepreneurship is about creating a business or organization that drives positive change in the world (at small or large scale), while staying aligned with your personal values and well-being.

It’s about having a holistic view of the business you’re creating and it’s influence at all levels – for you personally, the people you serve and the planet.

Conscious entrepreneurship for a more sustainable world.

To create a sustainable world, we need to create change in many different ways.

It includes the important work of organizations and governments, as well as that of activists and advocates. And it’s about the creators and innovators who will provide products and services that will make this world a better place.

A conscious entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily need to be a social entrepreneur – where the business model is designed to create positive social change. However, conscious entrepreneurs keep in mind the impact of their organization’s culture and supply chain. They are passionate about making a positive impact for people and planet.

Conscious entrepreneurship for a more sustainable life.

My journey into conscious entrepreneurship started with a passion to create change for gender equality and human rights. Equally important was the opportunity to work freely and creatively.

As a mother of two young children, I’ve gone through times of stress and overwhelm. With time, I began to see my life as a conscious entrepreneur in a holistic way.

Being an entrepreneur has meant that I’m in charge of the culture I create in my work. I can adopt habits and routines that benefit my mental and physical health – and that of those I work with.

As my life has progressed, I’ve also understood the importance of creating a life that encompasses not only, purpose and freedom – but also conscious self-growth. I continuously invest in my personal and professional growth (because I don’t have an employer who does!). When we grow, we truly come alive. Conscious entrepreneurs take self-growth seriously – to be the best version of themselves.

This enables me to live more aligned with who I want to be, as a mother, wife, friend, and leader.

3 signs you’re ready to step into entrepreneurship.

Do you have an interest in starting your own business or organization? If so, here are three signs you’re ready to step into entrepreneurship.

1. You’ve got a longing for more freedom and purpose.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it may be because you desire more freedom or purpose in your life. With the right foundation in place, running a business can give you that.

2. You’re ready for a change and a challenge.

Starting, running and growing a business or organization isn’t always easy, which is why you need to be up for the challenge. It will require you to grow and change, like auditing your midset and working consistently towards your goals.

3. You know that you’ve got more to give.

If you have voice telling you that you’re meant for more – that you can make a greater impact than you are today – conscious entrepreneurship may be for you!

Learn how to take consistent action towards your goals.

I’ve been working as an entrepreneur for almost a decade of my professional life. It’s been a learning journey – and one the most important steps for me has been to work consistently towards my goals.

During the Spring my husband, Markus, and I started Grow & Redefine – a support platform for conscious entrepreneurs! We provide tools and support for those looking to build a business and life defined by what matters most.

This week, we’re providing a free Goal Setting Challenge for Conscious Entrepreneurs. It will help you gain clarity around your dreams and goals and uncover what’s held you back in the past. This challenge will give you simple tools to move forward consistently. Learn more and join our challenge here.

If you have a feeling that you’re ready to step into entrepreneurship, it’s my hope that you will dare to take action. The world needs more conscious entrepreneurs, creating, innovating and helping – as we work together towards a sustainable future.

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