They seek to curtail our reproductive freedom,
strip pregnant women of reproductive agency,
thwart pro-choice legislation,
shut down abortion clinics,
try to convince us that our bodies are not ours to keep.

That our personhood and bodily autonomy are conditional.

Our bodies are not political battlefields,
our reproductive choices are not yours to define,
and our bodily decisions are not for you to decide.

We are not your incubators,
we shall choose when and who to house in our wombs,
who becomes the flesh of our flesh.

Protest sign with the text When Injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty and half of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's face.
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra
every woman is a riot,
and every generation has an obligation towards women’s liberation. 

The fight to freedom must continue,
the battle for our bodies must persist,
for our daughters, granddaughters and the generations to come. 

Keep the laws off our uterus,
keep the bans off our bodies.

Read more about abortion rights around the world here.

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