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The following text was written by Atefeh Sebdani as part of the global outrage and protests after the murder of Mahsa Jina Amini by the so-called morality police in Iran. Atefeh is a Swedish exiled Iranian, activist @atefeh_s.j, techie and writer. The text has been translated from Swedish.

The irony.

Or should I say fright? That countries have sanctions against Iran. Yet, imported weapons from the west are used in the violence by the brutal morality police.

The trade is ongoing when it comes to giving the regime strength and muscle. The trade is not there for the population. When the population doesn’t have access to vaccines, medicines, food and other basic needs. When it’s unable to stand up against its oppressor. In those instances the west enforces sanctions.

The global north is an active participant.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen the Swedish crane lifts used in the public hangings in Iran. Just a google search away. Now, do you understand why we’re talking about hypocrisy?

“No country in the world supports the people in Iran. Only people in other countries support the people in Iran. But governments and politicians do nothing,” a person from inside Iran writes to me.

When you read a message like that, maybe you begin to understand the equation of what’s going on.

Do you remember when the war in Ukraine began and almost all diplomats from the EU and the USA got up and left when it was time for Russia to speak? Where are those diplomats now?

Remember all the politicians that condemned Putin?

Ask yourself who has condemned Raisi.

Remember how all the news sites were full of different stories and angles of Russia and Ukraine? Putin’s questionable health status, his beauty operations, even his children were discussed. Pictures from Russia’s military attacks were shared. Interviews with people inside Russia were conducted. There was full coverage of the situation.

Ask yourself where the thousands of different angles are now. What does Raisi’s family look like? Does anybody know? Is it not as interesting?

This is just an example of why many from the Middle East see the western world’s politicians as hypocrits. Because everything is about an agenda. It’s about trade deals and political interests. It’s about land deals.

The crass truth is – there is no interest from the west to see a free Iran.

It’s actually the opposite.

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  1. These are unfortunate circumstances. however, we need to help in ensuring the health services are being accessed by everyone.

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