Anu Bhatnagar, India and The United Arab Emirates

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Anu Bhatnagar is a catalyst of self-love and meditative living, living every day in perfect balance of spiritually and business successes. 

In this episode, Anu discusses the importance of self-love and the opportunity to introduce this at a much earlier time in the lives of girls, women, boys and men… how gender inequality drives systemic inequities in women’s health globally, in addition to defining a woman’s role and purpose in her family and community… how lack of access to basic healthcare or basic health needs impacts women, and lack of access to basic menstrual products can affect a girl’s access to education, and lead to early marriage and early motherhood… inadequate information about how cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and heart disease affect women differently than the way these medical conditions generally affect men… incidence of women’s health concerns being dismissed with the phrase “It’s in your head.”… ways to overcome fear of speaking out in front of large groups of people… the importance of making self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance a part of our everyday life, and of giving ourselves time to know ourselves better.  (India and The United Arab Emirates)

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