Ruchira Gupta: Hope and Positivity in the Midst of Difficult Change

How can you stay hopeful when witnessing unspeakable crimes against women and girls? That and so much more in this episode of the Hey Changemaker! Podcast. 

Ruchira Gupta is an author and activist who believes in a world in which no child is bought or sold. After winning an Emmy for her documentary on sex-trafficking, she set up an NGO called Apne Aap, that has helped thousands of girls and women exit systems of sexual exploitation. 

She has worked with the UN to change laws and policies in countries all over the world to end sex-trafficking. 

We talk about her amazing work, her upcoming book and debut novel, I Kick and I Fly, based on experiences related to her, the change that she has seen in the past 20 years and the challenges that remain. She shares personal stories and truly, a message of hope.

This is our 20th episode of the Hey Changemaker! Podcast!

So far we’ve reached listeners in over 47 countries, from Pakistan to Paraguay and from New Zealand to the Netherlands.
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