Fithriyyah is a Doctor of Medicine and an environment youth activist since 2015. She is working on Planetary Health & Environmental Rights issues for her advocacy work at the moment. Fithriyyah has spoken at many international high-level policy consultation forums, representing youth locally and regionally, especially at the UN and ASEAN forums.  

In this episode, Fithriyyah discusses

  • her passion for environmental issues as a young leader, and the impact of environmental change on health
  • joining local movements for youth activism before attending medical school
  • understanding at a young age that she would need to work hard to reach her dreams
  • studying environmental effects on human health
  • joining the ASEAN Youth Forum, a youth community from 11 ASEAN countries
  • the importance of meaningful youth participation throughout the process of policy change at local, national, and international levels
  • language and financial barriers that impede young people from participating in international conferences and forums
  • climate change and its effects, especially on marginalized communities
  • the importance of each of us making small changes to have a positive effect on the environment
  • ensuring that we provide space and support for young people
  • and the remainder that we can all make change in our community.

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