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Demilitarise Education (dED) is a community and guide for modern-day peacemakers, working to break the ties between UK Universities and the arms trade. This is because we envision a world where the power of education is used in favour of peace, not war. 

dED has built the world’s first Universities and Arms Database addressing the lack of public access to evidence needed to scrutinise UK University partnerships with the military and defence sector. This empowers students to participate in critical debate with their institutional leaders, engaging them in democratic processes and providing them with the accountability mechanisms needed to break the ties between UK Universities and the arms trade, developing long-term political and institutional progress. 

The database so far has led to the ground breaking discovery of over £1.3 BN+ of military and defence sector partnerships with UK universities. Beyond research, dED also uses community and media to uncover, expose and end these unethical ties. 

dED Talks is the weekly Instagram live show that explores the global fight for peace by talking to modern day peacemakers, every Thursday at 7pm (BST/GMT.

dED Talks provides a platform for global changemakers to speak about their activism, whether their individual work, project or organisation. Now, having spoken to over 100 peacemakers from around the world discussing topics from militarism, space, racism, spirituality and more. Guests have included: Stella Assange, La Roux and Jo Wood. 

As a female-led organisation, this month we’re reminded of just how powerful we are. All over the world, women are campaigning for demilitarisation, social justice and change. This June, dED talks are giving some of these women a platform to talk about peace, patriarchy, and why we don’t need universities funding weapons.

Join us every Thursday in celebrating the powerful voices of women peacemakers.

We hope you’ll join us in discussions with inspiring women about passion topics connected to building a more peaceful world, as well of course Demilitarising Education. 

Time: Thursdays at 7pm BST

Location: @ded_ucation on Instagram live

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