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In this compelling episode of the Hey Changemaker! Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Areeg Abdalmagid Abass. Areeg is a Sudanese doctor and public health professional, with over 5 years of experience tackling inequity in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Championing SRHR in Sudan

As an Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Emergency Preparedness and Response Officer with the Federal Ministry of Health, Areeg’s work is dedicated to anticipating vulnerabilities and taking proactive measures to address SRH emergencies in conflict-ridden areas. She is at the forefront of efforts to provide critical reproductive health services amidst emergencies, all aimed at strengthening Sudan’s fragile health system.

From Sudan to Global Recognition

Areeg’s impact transcends her role as a health-professional. She has led more than five national campaigns against gender-based violence, child marriage, and female genital mutilation. Her tireless advocacy efforts have been focused on promoting the SRHR of women and young children in marginalized communities. In recognition of her dedication, Areeg was named one of the 16 most influential women addressing SRHR in Sudan in 2020.

Areeg’s remarkable journey also includes participation in prestigious programs such as the Nobel Women Laureates program in Canada and the Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2022. However, one of her most incredible feats was her six-day journey to reach Rwanda to attend the Women Deliver 2023 Conference. She overcame immense obstacles due to the suspension of flights from Sudan and the complete closure of airports during a time of war. This episode was recorded in the Girls’ Globe Solidarity Studio at the conference.

Sudan’s Ongoing Struggles: The Humanitarian Crisis

Areeg Abdalmagid Abass shares her insights and experiences gained during her work in Sudan and fleeing Khartoum. Her story serves as a stark reminder of the hardships endured by the Sudanese population since the outbreak of the conflict on April 15, 2023.

We also explore the latest statistics provided by UN OCHA and UNICEF, revealing the dire humanitarian situation in Sudan. Over 3 million people are internally displaced across 18 states, with over 880,000 seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Shockingly, over 20.3 million people in Sudan, representing 42 percent of the population, are facing severe food insecurity.

Areeg’s personal experiences and the heartbreaking statistics shared in this episode call us to action.

Tune in to this episode to hear Areeg’s powerful story and discover how you can be part of the change. Join us as we navigate through the challenges and triumphs of Sudan’s population in these trying times. Together, we can make a difference.

The Conversation

2 Responses

  1. Thank you to Julia for what you showcase in this podcast and thank you to Dr. Areeg Abdalmagid Abass for your work and for bringing the plight of the Sudanese to our international attention. There is much the international community can and must do in terms of humanitarian aid. I hope your voice will be heard and the proper response will be forthcoming.

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for your message. Yes – there is so much more we can do and that the international community can do to increase the humanitarian response in Sudan. Thank you for your support and for listening to this podcast!

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