Meet Japnit Ahuja, a machine learning enthusiast and ambitious changemaker, who is dedicated to bridging the digital divide. Japnit founded Go Girl Code, a nonprofit that empowers underprivileged students in India by providing technical education.

Empowering Girls Through Code Workshops

Go Girl Code, a five-year-old nonprofit, has introduced over 2,000 girls to programming through workshops held in India. These workshops are thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific needs of students from diverse backgrounds.

Go Girl Code’s approach is truly unique, as they offer workshops in various languages and cultural contexts. They teach in the Hindi regional language at CRY and provide Telugu tutors for girls at the Yashoda Foundation. This ensures that students from urban slums in North India and remote tribal regions in West India can access quality education.

A Mobile-Friendly Curriculum

Go Girl Code’s commitment to accessibility is evident in their mobile-friendly curriculum. Even students with no computer access can benefit from their programs. Their beginner-friendly workshops incorporate pop culture references and games, making learning engaging and relatable.

Impact Through Workshops and Social Media

With the support of 80 dedicated volunteers, Japnit Ahuja and Go Girl Code has hosted more than 250 free workshops. Their reach extends further with a network of 20,000+ followers on social media, enabling them to impact an astounding 500,000 people through their campaigns.

For Go Girl Code, these numbers are more than milestones; they represent the path to becoming a nonprofit that holistically develops marginalized communities using technology in India.

Japnit Ahuja’s Inspiring Journey Continues

Awarded a fully-funded scholarship at sixteen, Japnit navigated new cultures and honed her resourcefulness. Her passion for machine learning led her to publish a research paper and earn academic honors. Today, she’s a third-year undergraduate, excelling in her field.

Japnit’s dual passions for technology and women’s empowerment intersect beautifully. She aims to excel in her field and inspire the next generation of female computer scientists, breaking barriers in the IT world.

In conclusion, Go Girl Code and its founder, Japnit Ahuja, are shining examples of how technology can be a powerful tool for social change and empowerment. They are committed to bridging the digital divide byproviding underprivileged students with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Learn more about Japnit Ahuja here and Go Girl Code here.

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