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Emmanuel Achiri is the Policy and Advocacy Officer at the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and an expert on migration, policing and security. He holds a doctorate in International Relations with a focus on international law and forced migration.

“Europe fails to acknowledge its history. Europe fails to acknowledge that one of the reasons why we have a lot of instability in the global majority…is because of Europe.”

– Emmanuel Achiri

This episode with Emmanuel Achiri focuses on the EU Migration Pact and Europe’s identity crisis.

Emmanuel discusses the contradictions within the EU Migration Pact, which claims to address structural racism while legitimizing racial profiling and criminalization of migrants. He highlights the crisis of European identity and the failure to acknowledge Europe’s historical role in creating instability in other parts of the world.

The conversation explores the need for a transformational approach to social justice and migration in Europe. It highlights the shortcomings of the EU elections in addressing these issues and the importance of voting for human rights.

The discussion also touches on the erosion of fundamental rights and the rise of anti-rights movements in Europe. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of struggles and the need for global mobilization and hope.

“When Europeans ignore the destruction of fundamental human rights principles, eventually this would move from just migrants to the rest of Europe.”

– Emmanuel Achiri

Taking action ahead of the European elections

The European Network Against Racism is asking members of and candidates for the European Parliament to sign their manifesto A Europe for All. This manifesto can be signed by candidates here. Ask your candidates to take the pledge, and share it with your network.

In The Deep End: A Hey Changemaker! Podcast Special

This episode is a part of a new series of the Hey Changemaker! Podcast called In The Deep End.

In this series, Julia Wiklander speaks with experts who will help us understand the world, its systemic issues, and unveil the truth about what equality, rights and justice really mean.

2024 is the year when half of the world’s population will elect their future. More voters than ever have this opportunity. Countries like India, Syria and South Africa – as well as the UK, US and EU – will be going to the polls. Some countries have fair and equal elections, others are postponed because of war and other countries’ outcomes can probably be guessed in advance. This is a major election year and results can have an impact on the world’s future for many years to come. 

Free, fair and democratic elections are an important way for us to create change in our communities in the world. 

The global minority, also known as the global north, has witnessed a surge of right-wing, anti-rights politics during the past decade. It also holds the majority of the world’s financial wealth, while continuing to exploit other countries in the world through capitalist and colonial systems that let them do so with impunity. The global north are also some of the greatest polluters in the world.

In The Deep End episodes will focus on the change and reckoning that is necessary in the EU, UK and the US – all of which have elections this year. 

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