Antiracist Voices

Antiracist Voices

To create a truly equitableworld, we need to listen and understand the intricacies of racism.

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We Belong Europe

We Belong Europe

A Podcast that highlights the voices of the new Daughters of Europe.

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Lina Abirafeh - Feminism & Power

Lina Abirafeh - Feminism & Power

Feminism in Arabic, knowing your power and getting angry!

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Periods Don’t Stop During Pandemics

COVID-19 and menstruation have more things in common than one would think! Read why COVID-19 has brought existing inequalities to…

Gender Based Violence

What Does It Mean To Be a Yemeni Woman?

How does it feel to be raised in the worst country in the world on gender equality? Now, Yemen is…


How My Love of Football Goes Against My Feminism

These are enough reasons to absolutely hate football but I simply cannot. I am optimistic about the future of women's…

  1. Gender Based Violence
    COVID-19 is Leaving More Girls at Risk of Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage

    The global COVID-19 pandemic is taking a particularly heavy toll on girls and young women across Africa. Unfortunately, in Kenya…

  2. Climate & The Environment
    How Young People Tackle the Climate Crisis Threatening their Pacific Island

    Kiribati is one of the least developed countries in the Pacific with few natural resources, limited governance, institutional capacity, and…

  3. Anti-Racism
    My Intersectional Activism as a Black African Muslim Woman

    My identities as being a Black Muslim woman who is also African come in one. I experience discrimination in many…

  4. SRHR
    Accessing Safe Abortion during Lockdown in Africa

    MAMA Network details the need for safe, accessible medical abortion services during COVID-19 lockdown.

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