Julia Wiklander: A message of self care and an update on Hey Changemaker

Hey Changemaker! Podcast

The Hey Changemaker! Podcast is alive and well. We have a lot of interviews that have been conducted and many more scheduled in the coming weeks and months. Those that are in the works will be published after the summer here in Sweden – coming back in September. In this short episode, I share an update and why we are taking a bit of a break.

In the meantime, we will be sharing many stories from changemakers around the world via the Girls’ Globe platform. So, please subscribe at girlsglobe.org/emails to hear more from them and to follow along the many exciting things we are doing in the next few months.

If you haven’t listened to all of our existing 20+ episodes, go back and do so! I have been inspired by every single conversation. 

All in all, I sincerely hope that this message can be a reminder for yourself to evaluate your own work and life – to dare to reprioritize and to dare to fail at living up to your own or others expectations. As we do this work, we need to be kind to ourselves and connect to our inner loving voice time and time again. 

One thing that I have appreciated so much in the past year are the Women’s Circles hosted by Sharon D’Agostino. You can hear more about them in my conversation with her in episode 15. You can learn more and register for an upcoming one at girlsglobe.org/womenscircle.

Illustrator Laiza Onofre on Activism, Self Care & Self Love

Self Care by Laiza Onofre

Laiza Onofre is an illustrator and feminist activist from Mexico. She has been a part of Girls’ Globe for several years. Contributing with her beautiful illustrations she has amplified the movement to strengthen gender equality and human rights. We collaborated with Laiza for the launch of The Girls’ Globe Marketplace. Together we created two Designer […]

Designer Edition: Self Care T-Shirt

An image of a person's torso wearing a white t-shirt with a Self-Care logo with a heart and two hugging hands.

We’re advocates for self-care! Are you one too?

This Limited Edition t-shirt is designed to inspire self care, and is a part of an exclusive designer collaboration.

About the Illustrator

Laiza Onofre is a Mexican illustrator and feminist activist. She has been a partner of Girls’ Globe for the past few years and works with us to amplify voices for gender equality, human rights and social justice.

That Voice in Your Head: Confidence and Self Care

In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Girls’ Globe’s Julia and Eleanor speak about building confidence in their own lives. As they reflect on previous episodes of the podcast, they talk about that little voice in your head. Julia shares a recent life experience that caused a major disarray in her life. Eleanor talks about how she tries to make the voice in her head her friend.

“Sometimes, everyone is unable to see themselves the way the rest of the world sees you. You’re so much more critical to yourself than you would be to anyone else.” – Eleanor Gall

Self care is Not a Buzzword, It’s a Necessity

Self Care is a necessity

I wanted to write a post to end this year on a positive note. There are changemakers worthy to be named and revolutions we must remember. Yet, one thing keeps coming to mind – the ever so important practice of self care. As we fight the good fight and tackle human rights abuses in conflict zones, gender based violence or the climate crisis – we need to be our best selves. Self care is not a buzzword – it’s a necessity.

This year has been a tricky year for me. Personally, I have battled my inner demands on myself as a mother and entrepreneur – and just as a woman of my generation. I’ve struggled with my hopes and dreams. I’ve faced setbacks and disappointments. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of the most important lessons for me this year.

Rolling Out Self-Managed Contraceptive Care in Zambia

Image of contraceptive choices. Cover Photo for post about Self-Managed Contraception in Zambia

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge disruption and restrictions for individuals globally and has been felt acutely with challenges to accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare. Yet, with challenges often come opportunities. The pandemic has enabled a transformation in how we deliver health and contraceptive care – especially to women and girls who are among the most affected in times of crisis.   Adapting in a crisis to meet need  Like many of […]

Navigating Self-Care as a Changemaker

Being from the global south, I was continuously discouraged to use the word ‘myself’, ‘self’, or any synonym that encourages individuality. My people didn’t mean any harm. In their minds they were teaching me the meaning of solidarity and the values of putting the collective need first. However, it has made me learn a bad […]

21 Acts of Self-Care for 2021

I have always enjoyed the ritual of saying goodbye to a year and welcoming a brand new one. But there is no year that I’ve been happier about saying goodbye to than 2020. While we are starting 2021 still living through a pandemic, I am cautiously optimistic and hopeful that 2021 will be a better […]

Radical Self-Care is a Necessity for Black Women

Self Care for Black Women. Black woman smiling with floral crown

Growing up, I was taught that black women are strong. That we are the pillars of community. That we raise and protect villages, and that we must uphold our men. We’re expected to this faultlessly and without rest. In activism, black women have been at the forefront of championing change. We’ve lead protests and initiatives in our community such as the “Black Lives Matter” Movement founded by three queer, black women. As much as we’re seen as resilient, fierce and powerful, we aren’t afforded the opportunity to be vulnerable, gentle and tender to ourselves.

Agility in Abortion Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Uganda

Agility in Abortion Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Uganda

Hello world, I’m Mirembe Mariam from Uganda. I work as Programs Manager at an organization called COHERINET, with five years’ experience working on abortion related projects. COHERINET is a non-profit organization that improves accessibility and availability of comprehensive sexual reproductive health at the grassroots level in Uganda. Since 2017, we have rendered comprehensive abortion care […]

Designer Edition: Self Love Mug

Image of a white mug with an illustration of a woman embracing herself with the words Self Love written in her hair.

A beautiful mug to remind yourself to care for and love yourself! This mug is a part of an exclusive designer collaboration.

About the Designer

Laiza Onofre is a Mexican illustrator and feminist activist. She has been a partner of Girls’ Globe for the past few years and works with us to amplify voices for gender equality, human rights and social justice.

Cultivating Self-Love: 4 Women Living in Dark Skin in the Caribbean

Sea front from the sky. Everyday Colorism in the Carribean

The #EverydayColorism campaign is sharing the lived experiences of Caribbean people affected by colorism – discriminatory or preferential treatment of same-race people because of skin tone. Colorism pervades the region, affecting Caribbean people across the spectrums of gender, age, and socioeconomic status. Even highly educated people with esteemed careers struggle to overcome society’s harmful responses […]

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