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Girls' Globe is the feminist media platform
for changemakers worldwide.

Solidarity drives our work. That’s why we connect underrepresented voices to a global audience that spans every country in the world – and why we work with a broad range of partners to build momentum for movements of change. 

We know that everyone can make a fundamental impact, which is why we focus on opportunities to take action and the changemakers who give us hope.  

We Amplify

We amplify the voices of changemakers and organizations that strengthen gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability. 

The Girls’ Globe Community provides stories, opinions, news and research on the most pressing issues of our time. Our members – whose voices we amplify – are activists, advocates, experts, and organizations that work with gender equality, human rights and social justice around the world. 

Whether it’s through our memberships, partnerships or our Digital Media Incubator program, we know that amplifying voices and sharing stories are essential to inspire action to create positive change. 

We Educate

As a global media organization and social enterprise with an expertise in storytelling, communications, digital movement-building and impactful entrepreneurship, we provide digital courses and made-for-you programs to support changemakers and organizations. Since its launch in 2020, the Girls’ Globe learning platform has supported hundreds of activists, advocates, researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide.

We Create

We use our creativity and playful approach to create communications and learning solutions for a wide range of partners. Whether it’s bringing young feminist activists to lead communications at global events, or to facilitate content creation led by grassroots changemakers – we keep a fresh and innovative approach with shared values as our compass.

We Connect

Creating connection is a cornerstone of solidarity – the strength behind our organization. That’s why we bridge the gap between grassroots changemakers, connect changemakers and organizations from around the world, and build partnerships across sectors. Whether it’s through our digital marketplace or partnering at offline events, we always aim to create opportunities for connection and collaboration.

The Girls' Globe Community

Our members are activists, advocates, experts and organizations from across the globe – reaching readers in every single country of the world.

A Note from Our Founder

I started Girls’ Globe to spotlight the amazing changemakers on the forefront of change. They are the ones who give hope and inspire us to take action, even in the most difficult circumstances. If we want to see progress on the issues we care about, changemakers need to be centered in the media and in decision-making at all levels.

Voices, stories, action, change is a mantra I have for the work we do at Girls’ Globe. I truly believe that we can positively impact the world if we start by listening to the voices that need to be heard.

Everyone is a changemaker – and at Girls’ Globe we take our work seriously to build solidarity for the most pressing issues of our time. Together really is the only way forward – which is why building diverse partnerships is the most rewarding work I do here.

I look forward to inviting you into the Girls’ Globe Community, to join forces for gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability – for everyone.

- Julia Wiklander

Julia is a social entrepreneur, economist and writer from Sweden.
Learn more about Julia and see her posts here.

Our Vision

Girls’ Globe exists to support a sustainable world shaped by peace and solidarity, free from any discrimination, inequality and violence.

Our Mission

We amplify and support changemakers and organizations, to strengthen gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability worldwide.

Our Approach

We follow a creative and playful approach to our work, always striving to explore new ideas and formats to enhance communication and creation. 

Our Partnerships

As a social enterprise, we look to partner with individuals, organizations and companies that share our non-negotiable values. Learn more here.

Girls' Globe supports global movements
through strong & meaningful collaboration.

Your voice matters.

Girls' Globe Advisors

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Felogene Anumo
Regional Director Africa, Thousand Currents
Sharon D'Agostino

Founder of
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Ashley Lackovich-Van Gorp
Co-Founder of Enhance Worldwide

Girls' Globe Sponsors

Our sponsors believe in the importance of amplifying voices of changemakers to strengthen gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability worldwide. 

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we invite you to support the global feminist media movement! 

Girls’ Globe is the global media platform for changemakers and organizations
working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice.

 Gain visibility, develop your content and have a greater impact with our Publishing Memberships for Organizations. Learn more and apply here.

This membership is for experienced individuals and leaders within gender equality, human rights and sustainability. Learn more and apply here.

A communications and sustainable activism program for young women changemakers worldwide.

Girls’ Globe is all about collaboration. We’ve partnered with grassroots organizations, international NGOs, and private companies. Learn more about partnership opportunities here.

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