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No. At this time, Girls’ Globe is only publishing content from our members. This includes the individuals in our fellowship program and our member organizations. 

Find our more about our memberships here.

Find out all about our memberships here.

If you’re an organization working to strengthen gender equality, human rights, social justice or sustainability, Girls’ Globe offers partnerships and memberships to support you.

Amplify your impact with Girls’ Globe. 

Girls’ Globe is a membership platform. If you’re a member – absolutely! 

Additionally, we offer support for organizations and individuals working to strengthen gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability. We can support you by creating social media campaigns or collaborating on social media. 

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If your question hasn’t been answered above, or if you have a different matter to discuss, here’s our email: info@girlsglobe.org

Girls’ Globe is the global media platform for changemakers and organizations
working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice.

 Gain visibility, develop your content and have a greater impact with our Publishing Memberships for Organizations. Learn more and apply here.

This membership is for experienced individuals and leaders within gender equality, human rights and sustainability. Learn more and apply here.

A communications and sustainable activism program for young women changemakers worldwide.

Girls’ Globe is all about collaboration. We’ve partnered with grassroots organizations, international NGOs, and private companies. Learn more about partnership opportunities here.

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