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Amplify your impact

with Girls' Globe!

Girls’ Globe exists to amplify changemakers,

that are making an impact for gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability. 

We offer support for organizations and individuals to strengthen their digital visibility, storytelling skills, communications campaigns and ultimately global movements for positive change. 

Whether you’re leading communications for a non-profit, working with grassroots changemakers, building your own social enterprise or advocating at a global level – we’re here to support.

As a global feminist media platform, we offer courses and workshops on digital communications and storytelling, collaborations to strengthen your communications efforts online or at events, and memberships to amplify your stories and expertise

A FEW of Our Clients and Partners

The Girls' Globe Learning Suite

Our growing digital learning platform and our built-for-you workshops support changemakers and organizations to strengthen their communications and storytelling in support of their missions. Think practical step-by-step online courses and interactive group trainings with a strong feminist foundation.


Digital Storytelling for Impact

Online Self-paced Course

Learn how to powerfully use your unique voice
to build authentic support for your work in a digital world. Eradicate useless communication from your work and make a genuine impact even online.

This 1-week course will help you gain clarity and build a communications plan, with bonuses to support your content and communications development.

Feminist-Led Storytelling

Tailored Workshops

These workshop covers the foundation of feminist storytelling to drive progress for movements of change. Together, we dive into ethics, best practices storytelling strategies and sustainable communications.

Based on your team, group or individual needs, we will format this workshop into one that makes the greatest impact! Book a call with us and let’s discuss details! 

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Feminist Media and Communications Partnerships

Our work is built around solidarity. As a feminist media platform with a global community of activists and experts, Girls’ Globe is here to support partners with a shared mission. Whether you’re planning an online campaign or a in-real-life event, we provide feminist-led content creation and digital amplification to make your initiative reach further and last longer. Want additional support with your communications and media? Learn more at Waterfalls Media


The Solidarity Studio

Storytelling for solidarity

Bring the Girls’ Globe Solidarity Studio to your event!
The Solidarity Studio is a space for participants to share their stories, calls to action, priority messages and expertise. 

This feminist-led storytelling space provides an extension to the event’s programming, allowing for more voices to be heard and more stories collected. It creates a longevity to your event and an opportunity to strengthen an online movement for greater solidarity for your mission. 

Online Communications Support

Amplify through digital channels

Navigating online communications and boosting your digital media initiatives is hard! That’s why we offer support to strengthen your communications strategies and amplify your content and online communication. 

We tailor our partnerships depending on priorities and plans, and may include strategic planning, content creation, social media campaigns, sponsored blogs or emails to our global audience. 

Clients include: logog

for Individuals and Organizations

Through memberships, Girls’ Globe supports those working to strengthen gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability. Our members are organizations and individuals with representation from more than 100 countries across the world. 

Share your stories, expertise and calls to action with our global audience.

5 Steps to Increase
Visibility of Your Organization Online

This guide will help your organization make a greater impact in a digital world by increasing visibility and support for the important work your organization does!


5 Powerful Stories for Changemakers & Organizations

Build trust, create connection and make a greater impact in a digital world, with this Girls' Globe guide to storytelling.

Girls’ Globe is the global media platform for changemakers and organizations
working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice.

We amplify voices for equality, rights and justice all year round...

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 Gain visibility, develop your content and have a greater impact with our Publishing Memberships for Organizations. Learn more and apply here.

This membership is for experienced individuals and leaders within gender equality, human rights and sustainability. Learn more and apply here.

A communications and sustainable activism program for young women changemakers worldwide.

Girls’ Globe is all about collaboration. We’ve partnered with grassroots organizations, international NGOs, and private companies. Learn more about partnership opportunities here.

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