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    How White People Can End Racism: 3 First Steps

    White privilege is something I’ve had since I took my first breath. It has paved a road for me that…

  2. Books
    3 Books to Turn You into a Women’s Rights Fighter

    I have a whole stack of books which motivated me to dedicate my life to my biggest passion – fighting…

  3. Books
    Sharp Objects: a Story of Female Power, Abuse, Trauma & Pain

    Breathtaking, uncomfortable, and timely. These are the three best words I can find to describe Sharp Objects.

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    We Have Written a Book!

    You Are Not Alone is a collection of stories written and inspired by four years’ worth of conversations with Afghan…

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    An Interview with Flora Wiström

    I have been chatting to Swedish writer and blogger Flora Wiström about writing tips and tricks, inspirational authors, and what it…

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    Girls’ Globe Book Tour: Finland

    Finnish literature echoes the country’s vast forests, icy winters and endless summer nights. But also, at times, the conservatism and…