1. Music
    Why Men in Hip Hop Need to Do Better

    Despite some empowering stories, misogyny and sexism are still dominating hip hop. This year in particular men proved how misogynistic,…

  2. Music
    The New Generation of Female Rappers

    There's a new generation of female rappers changing the narrative for women in hip hop, and hopefully in society more…

  3. Music
    Female Freestyle by Nadine

    We came across Nadine on Instagram (@nadineelroubi). She's a brilliant musician, rapper, photographer, videographer (and more!) from Sudan. Nadine's latest…

  4. Music
    Seinabo Sey: The Rising Iconic Feminist Soul Queen

    Seinabo Sey's presence was powerful and unforgiving in her live performance at Malmö Live. Her latest album is a feminist…

  5. Music
    ‘She’ by Kiirstin Marilyn: an Anthem for all Women

    Kiirstin Marilyn is using her music to encourage others to demand that their voices are heard.

  6. Music
    Why I Need Tori Amos

    Since I was 18, Tori’s music has been just short of everything to me (hint: I’m not a natural redhead).…