Amanda Ring

My name is Amanda and I am a 18 year old girl from Sweden. One of my main interests in life is other human beings and their well-being, mostly women and girls. That is why female rights is something I mostly spend my time talking, acting and discussing about and in the future I hope this will represent my daily working life. I hope you'll enjoy reading my posts and just let me know if there is any feedback! Together we can make the world a better place for everyone <3

  1. Development
    The Forgotten Development Goal: Personal Reflections

    Sustainable Development Goal 18: Engagement and Interest for Development Within All People. How does that sound? Why is this goal…

  2. Development
    Nyumbani: A Safe and Caring Home for Hope

    Imagine yourself as a little kid. Imagine yourself just existing and playing in a limitless world without worries about global issues,…

  3. Feminism
    Gender Equality in Sweden: Can it get any better than this? (Video Blog)

    Video blog by Amanda Ring (18) and Julia Wiklander (29) from Sweden.  According to a report made by the European…

  4. Development
    The Power of Empowering Women and Girls

    We can’t talk about creating sustainable change and development without taking into account available resources. Engaging people and allowing more…