Bita Aranda

I am Regional Advisor for Latin America in Girls' Globe, I am passionate about change, and I believe women and girls have a huge role in the process of creating a better world. For me, Girls' Globe is about inspiring, informing, empowering, and allowing women and girls to thrive. I hope to bring more content about Latin American issues and opportunities.

  1. Politics
    An Indigenous Woman is Running for President of Mexico

    As 2017 unfolds, different candidates have emerged for the big run for Mexico’s presidency in 2018. Among them is María de…

  2. Feminism
    My Experience at the International Women’s Strike

    Amidst the international mobilizations during International Women’s Day, I was able to participate in the strike by basically “disappearing” on…

  3. Feminism
    Surround Yourself With Feminists

    In places where access to information isn’t reliable, support groups and networks can play a hugely important role. In Mexico, as…

  4. Gender Based Violence
    #BeatingWomenIsHappinness ?

    On December 11th, Ana Gabriela Guevara, former Olympic Mexican athlete, and State Senator since 2012, reported on Twitter an assault…