Bita Aranda

I am Regional Advisor for Latin America in Girls' Globe, I am passionate about change, and I believe women and girls have a huge role in the process of creating a better world. For me, Girls' Globe is about inspiring, informing, empowering, and allowing women and girls to thrive. I hope to bring more content about Latin American issues and opportunities.

  1. Gender Based Violence
    1,741 Mexican Women Are No Longer With Us

    In Mexico, at least 1,741 woman have been victims of femicide in 2017. This statistics comes from geophysicist Maria Salguero,…

  2. Gender Based Violence
    Girls’ Globe is…the Place Where I Belong

    Girls’ Globe has given me a place where I can raise my voice, without fear and without censure, and for…

  3. Culture
    Día de Muertos: Remembering the Unborn

    On October 31st, my group of friends and I gathered as we do every Tuesday. However, this time it was…

  4. Gender Based Violence
    If They Kill Me

    On 3 May 2017, Lesvy Berlín Osorio was found dead, strangled by a telephone chord. On July 7th, the General…