Founded in 1945 with the creation of the CARE Package, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.

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    Improving Menstrual Hygiene in Zimbabwe’s Schools

    I am a 15-year-old girl, the eldest in a family of five. Where I come from, people do not talk…

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    “A world of hope for adolescent girls” – Olive’s story

    This is the fourth and final blog in a series sharing personal family planning stories - presented by CARE.

  3. Health
    “Now I Use Contraception” – Oun Srey Leak’s Story

    Although half of female garment workers report being sexually active, less than a third of them use modern contraceptives.

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    “Why should women have all the responsibility for family planning?” – Parmila’s Story

    Disparity between the sexes is especially obvious when it comes to permanent contraception, or sterilization.

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    “All men should let their wives start family planning” – Hawa’s Story

    This is the first blog in a 4-part series sharing personal family planning stories from around the world – presented…

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    The Deliberately Silenced and Preferably Unheard

    “There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” – Arundhati…