Chanté Moos


Chanté is a feminist, dreamer and student from South Africa who hopes to inform and inspire.

  1. Climate & The Environment
    Is the Climate Movement too White?

    I believe it is important to highlight the work of black and brown girls in the climate change movement. They…

  2. Feminism
    Diversity in Beauty is neither a Trend nor a Threat

    For the first time in history, all of the major beauty pageant titles are held by black women. For the…

  3. Arts
    The New Generation of Female Rappers

    There's a new generation of female rappers changing the narrative for women in hip hop, and hopefully in society more…

  4. Feminism
    There is a War Against Women in South Africa

    Recently, two 19 year old women were murdered in the space of two weeks. These are just the women I…

  5. Feminism
    Internalizing Body Image Issues

    I am sure many other women and girls have stories similar to mine. And it leads me to my question:…

  6. Feminism
    Celebrating South Africa’s Women’s Day

    Each year on 9 August, South Africa celebrates Women’s Day.