Coalition for Adolescent Girls

The Coalition for Adolescent Girls (CAG) is a member-driven coalition of over sixty organizations dedicated to improving the lives of adolescent girls.

  1. Lifestyle
    Repairing the Mind-Body Connection After Trauma

     “Yoga can build back people’s ability to slow down in reacting to stress, to re-build the connection with their bodies,…

  2. Education
    A Beginner’s Guide to Stopping Time

    This piece was written by Julia Z. – a high school student from the United States of America. All opinions…

  3. Refugees
    Equal Nationality Laws Are Vital to Realizing Girls’ Rights and Security

    This post was written by Catherine Harrington, Campaign Manager for the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, on behalf of the Coalition for…

  4. Uncategorized
    Taking the SDGs from Formality to Reality

    This post was authored by Allison Pfotzer and Dinnah Nabwire on behalf of the Coalition for Adolescent Girls.  During the United…