Diana Meneses


Mexican feminist, International Relations and Political Science student. Truly passionate for the world. Currently working on Power, Public Policy and Gender project and podcaster on MundoEnCorto

  1. Feminism
    Femicides Increase in Mexico: The Disappointing Policies of 2020

    Mexico began its 'quarantine' in March. Not only has the curve not flattened, but femicides increase in Mexico during this…

  2. Feminism
    Mexico Keeps Bleeding, So Women Strike

    Mexico is hurting. It is my great but scary homeland. We keep counting death after death - femicide after femicide.…

  3. Feminism
    The ‘Marea Verde’ Demanding Abortion Rights in Mexico

    Last weekend, women followed the Marea Verde and took over the streets of Mexico. Our goal? To demand laws that…

  4. Gender Based Violence
    Mexico’s ‘Gender Alert’ is Failing to Keep Women Safe

    In Mexico, most recent estimates warn that up to 9 women are killed every day and many more suffer violence.…

  5. Feminism
    Girl Power is a Super Power

    “My favourite thing about Girl Power is that over time it turns into Woman Power” – Cleo Wade As a…

  6. Education
    Sex Education is Everyone’s Right

    Education helps young people to take decisions about their bodies, health and lives in their own hands. This can, in…