Farrah T Schwab

A Social Anthropologist by name, an Urban Greening, Tree Planting, Permaculturalist by trade and an ecofeminist singer song-writer by night, there is very little that doesn't fascinate me about this incredible planet we live on. I have an almost relentless faith in humanity, with the belief that it is our individual actions that affect change in our communities and our earth if we are tolerant, observant and well paced in our actions. I am inspired by creation, collaboration (locally and across the globe), innovation and of course, the natural environment that we so vibrantly inhabit. Together we are changing the world; learning how to gain perspective and implement effective, simple and positive solutions to somewhat complex issues.

  1. Climate & The Environment
    Urban Farming: Regeneration in our Cities

    Grey. Angular. The low buzz of foot traffic, rubber-on-tar traffic, shoulders pushing against shoulders traffic. Did you see his face…