Educational Empowerment


Our mission is to empower women and girls in Myanmar, with a vision of improving socio-economic well being and creating gender parity. By partnering with local community organizations, Educational Empowerment accomplishes our mission through the publication of books, development of schools and libraries, and provision of microfinance loans to enable women to become self-sufficient and their daughters to complete their education.

  1. Education
    Balancing Passion for Education with Family Responsibilities

    When girls must choose either education or working to help support their family, what should they do? Ja Seng Mai…

  2. Uncategorized
    Investing in Gender Parity

    The World Economic Forum predicts that global gender parity won’t be achieved until 2133.  None of us fighting for it…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    The Challenges of Conflict for Women and Girls

    The long-term impacts of war in conflict affected areas can have seemingly ever-lasting effects that are passed down from generation…

  4. Gender Based Violence
    Education Combats Gender Based Violence

    Amidst today’s global turmoil, let us not overlook the ongoing gender based violence impacting women and girls on a daily…