Esther Mulders

Esther Mulders is a psychomotor therapist with a background in anthropology and philosophy. She is currently specializing in mental health and psycho-social well-being in the Global South, particularly in post-conflict areas. Esther believes that creative, bodily based ways of self-expression and healing are crucial in working towards social change.

  1. Development
    Motherhood in Conflict: Grace’s Story

    Stories of motherhood and the female experience during war are often excluded and unexplored. This neglect shows in the little…

  2. Relationships
    Connection & Compassion in the Smallest Encounters

    We know, and feel, that this crisis is changing our relationships in many ways. But what about the relationships we…

  3. Feminism
    Why We Need Trauma-Sensitive Media & Journalism

    It seems that media coverage of highly sensitive topics, such as war-time sexual violence, is not always about educating the…

  4. Maternal and Child Health
    Motherhood in Conflict: Colleen’s Story

    In northern Uganda, many mothers have lived through armed conflict. Some gave birth in a time when murder, abduction, mutilation…

  5. Maternal and Child Health
    Motherhood in Conflict: Achola’s Story

    During times of war, stories of motherhood have been excluded and unexplored.

  6. Development
    Mental Health Treatment & Gender Equality in Uganda

    Mental health should be considered a social issue. This would allow us to challenge discriminating structures, both globally and nationally,…