Farahnaz Mohammed

Farahnaz Mohammed (you can call her Farah) is a nomadic journalist, based wherever there’s an internet connection. She has a particular interest in digital journalism and exploring innovation in media.

  1. Relationships
    How to be Alone

    Nineteen long months ago, my ex-boyfriend was found unresponsive in his room, overdosed on opiates, a week before he turned twenty-six.…

  2. Books
    Girls’ Globe Book Tour – Next Stop: Latin America

    Join Girls’ Globe on a global book tour of female authors. We’ve visited Sweden already, and we’re ready for our next stop! Latin America has…

  3. Feminism
    Why Transgender Rights are Women’s Rights

    Feminism is inherently controversial, even within itself. There is a political spectrum of feminism, from radical feminists on one end…

  4. Climate & The Environment
    Measuring Water in Meters

    As with anything in the United Nations (UN), there is much discussion and debate around every decision. The Sustainable Development…