Farahnaz Mohammed

Farahnaz Mohammed (you can call her Farah) is a nomadic journalist, based wherever there’s an internet connection. She has a particular interest in digital journalism and exploring innovation in media.

  1. Culture
    How ‘Grace and Frankie’ is Changing How Women View Ageing

    A double Emmy nomination for Netflix's daring Grace and Frankie show that recognition of women over 50 is may finally be becoming mainstream.

  2. Tech
    Here’s the Good News About that Google Memo

    It is very easy to get upset about Google's Diversity Memo. Google is a cultural cornerstone as well as a…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    Healing from Sexual Trauma: A Therapist’s Perspective

    As a follow-up to Letter to Assault Survivors, Girls’ Globe contacted a therapist for professional insight into the psychological ramifications of…

  4. Relationships
    How to be Alone

    Nineteen long months ago, my ex-boyfriend was found unresponsive in his room, overdosed on opiates, a week before he turned twenty-six.…