Farahnaz Mohammed

  1. Health
    Giving Girls the Power of Sight

    Robbing a women or girl of her eyesight takes away more than her quality of life.

  2. Society
    A Data-Driven Look at the World Women Live In

    Equal Measures 2030 have unveiled a powerful tool: the SDG Gender Index.

  3. Lifestyle
    Women Who Do Too Much

    Many women in the modern era feel like they're stretching themselves too thin. If you're one of them, here's what…

  4. Lifestyle
    Life Advice from a Life Advice Addict – #YoungWomenSay

    #YoungWomenSay is a partnership between Say It Forward and The Torchlight Collective.

  5. Business and Economics
    Mind the Gap: Explaining Unequal Pay

    A lack of policy isn't the only thing dragging down women's wages.

  6. Gaming
    Girls: It’s Okay To Come Out of the Videogame Closet

    The barrier between femininity and gaming is a cultural construct that's remained surprisingly strong, even in 2017. When it comes…