Farahnaz Mohammed

  1. Lifestyle
    Life Advice from a Life Advice Addict – #YoungWomenSay

    #YoungWomenSay is a partnership between Say It Forward and The Torchlight Collective.

  2. Economics
    Mind the Gap: Explaining Unequal Pay

    A lack of policy isn't the only thing dragging down women's wages.

  3. Gaming
    Girls: It’s Okay To Come Out of the Videogame Closet

    The barrier between femininity and gaming is a cultural construct that's remained surprisingly strong, even in 2017. When it comes…

  4. Culture
    How ‘Grace and Frankie’ is Changing How Women View Ageing

    A double Emmy nomination for Netflix's daring Grace and Frankie show that recognition of women over 50 is may finally be becoming mainstream.