Fistula Foundation

We believe no woman should endure a life of misery and isolation simply for trying to bring a child into this world. That's why we're committed to raising awareness and funding for the childbirth injury obstetric fistula. Since adopting a global mission in 2009, we've funded more than 20,000 surgeries throughout Africa and Asia. Learn more about our work at

  1. Development
    Obstetric Fistula and the Sustainable Development Goals

    The UN General Assembly convenes in New York this week. On the agenda: discussion of the first Sustainable Development Goals…

  2. Maternal and Child Health
    Life-Changing Surgery for Refugees in Kenya

    Written by Lindsey Pollaczek, Fistula Foundation Program Director It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to live in…

  3. Maternal and Child Health
    Overcoming Treatment Obstacles in Nigeria

    Earlier this month, the UN released its final report on the Millennium Development Goals. Progress in MDG 5, improving maternal…

  4. Maternal and Child Health
    The Unsung Hero Behind HOPE Bangladesh

    There are many unsung heroes in our world who work tirelessly to better the lives of people besides themselves. One…