The Girl Child Platform - Flickaplattformen

The Girl Child Platform (Flickaplattformen) is a national project in Sweden that gathers local, national and international agents that work with equality, feminism, issues related to girls' rights and opportunities, and not least those who work close to people that identify themselves as girls. The Girl Child Platform aims to create a long-term and sustainable cooperation between all of these stakeholders, in order to raise issues of girls' rights on the Swedish political agenda. By attending national and international conferences and organizing seminars and discussions on women’s and girls’ rights, we intend to raise awareness on these matters, but most importantly involve girls and young women in the discussions concerning their rights. Our vision is a society free of the power relations around gender and age that restrict and discriminate girls and young women today. The Girl Child Platform is a three year project run by the Hunger Project Sweden and Make Equal. The project is funded by the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

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