Gabrielle Rocha Rios


Gabrielle is a Brazilian-American storyteller currently living in Washington, DC where she's pursuing a PhD in International Psychology with a concentration in Organizations and Systems.

  1. Tech
    Her male classmates weren’t thrilled about women engineers.

    This blog post was originally posted on as part of a project with Girls’ Globe, Upworthy and Johnson & Johnson.

  2. Arts
    Sharp Objects: a Story of Female Power, Abuse, Trauma & Pain

    Breathtaking, uncomfortable, and timely. These are the three best words I can find to describe Sharp Objects.

  3. Arts
    I’ll Show You My Pain

    A poem by Gabrielle Rocha Rios for Girls' Globe

  4. Health
    Taking Premenstrual Symptoms in Teenagers Seriously

    Teenage girls’ experiences of their menstrual and mental health should be taken seriously - it’s their well-being, health, and lives…