Gabrielle Rocha Rios


Gabrielle is a Brazilian-American storyteller, INGOs and international development professional currently living in Washington, DC where she's pursuing a PhD in International Psychology with a concentration in Organizations and Systems.

  1. Arts
    Sharp Objects: a Story of Female Power, Abuse, Trauma & Pain

    Breathtaking, uncomfortable, and timely. These are the three best words I can find to describe Sharp Objects.

  2. Arts
    I’ll Show You My Pain

    A poem by Gabrielle Rocha Rios for Girls' Globe

  3. Health
    Taking Premenstrual Symptoms in Teenagers Seriously

    Teenage girls’ experiences of their menstrual and mental health should be taken seriously - it’s their well-being, health, and lives…

  4. Health
    Girls are Facing a Mental Health Crisis

    While there are many serious global health issues that demand attention, mental health must not be left behind, and this…

  5. Politics
    #MariellePresente: Remembering Marielle Franco

    News of her death sent shockwaves not only across Brazil and Latin America but across the world, as international human…

  6. Girls' Globe News
    What Girls’ Globe Means to Me

    Girls’ Globe has truly become a community to me: a community which has supported me and encouraged me in some…